reign king henry alan van sprang monsters 'Reign': Alan Van Sprang says King Henry has 'found clarity' (to everyone else, he's nuts)King Henry is going nuts, y’all. France’s monarch has become increasingly unsettled on “Reign” as of late — that “accidentally pushing a girl out the window while having sex” thing was pretty noteworthy — but in “Monsters,” Alan Van Sprang says that Henry’s madness will really come out.

“He’s found himself,” Van Sprang tells Zap2it. “He’s found clarity — for him, anyway, everything’s crystal clear. He knows exactly what he needs to do, how he’s going to go about doing it. He doesn’t really care about anyone close to him right now — [he’s willing to take] whatever steps he needs to take to satisfy his sudden clarity.”

That’s what King Henry thinks, anyway. “For everybody else around him he’s sort of bat nuts. Everybody else he’s stepping on along his way doesn’t appreciate his clarity whatsoever,” Van Sprang says.

He continues: “Obviously Catherine, since she’s his wife and knows him very well, knows something is up, but everybody else as well — Francis, Mary, Sebastian, all of the court seems to know that something’s gone a bit strange with Henry. But for him it’s not only business as usual but it’s a brand new business. He’s like a shiny new car.”

In “Monsters,” Henry’s manic energy comes out when he becomes infatuated with a servant who wins a contest.

“He meets this young woman, Penelope, who’s won the Queen of the Bean festival, which is a queen for the day lottery,” Van Sprang says. “When he meets Penelope he finds something extremely interesting about her and he connects with her. Through that he makes her not just the queen for the day, but he thinks she’s the queen of his life, and lets everyone know how attracted he is to her and how much he loves her and adores her.”

Find out how, exactly, Henry’s new obsession will play out when “Reign” airs Thursday night (March 27) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Jean Bentley