reign for king and country nostradamus cw 'Reign' Season 1 Episode 9: 'For King and Country' recapTalk about a game-changer — in the course of one episode, “Reign” has now gone from a story about Mary Queen of Scots and her fiance, future king of France Francis, to a story about Mary and her fiance, future king of France Bash, the king’s illegitimate son.

“For King and Country” caught up with Mary and Bash as they were fleeing the castle. Despite their best efforts, they were quickly captured and bought back home.

Meanwhile, back at the castle, the king realized that Catherine was partially behind Mary’s disappearance and forced her to confess why she had a hand in breaking Mary and Francis’ engagement. She didn’t tell him the truth about the prophesy, just that there would be destruction.

When Mary and Bash returned, Francis told Mary he loved her and knew his had a hand in her leaving. The king was more harsh, telling Mary she needed to marry Francis or he’d have Bash executed. Then the king wanted to execute his wife, so you could see he was pretty ticked off about it.

Then, all of a sudden, Mary pulled some tricks to get the king to legitimize Bash and let her marry him instead. Surprise! They’re engaged now. Oh, she also wrote to her mom, which will come into play in a few episodes when she joins the show.

Down in the dungeon, while all this political stuff was happening, Nostradamus was hanging out with creepy bag head girl (yes, her name is Clarissa, but, like, creepy bag head girl is so much more fitting) — until she STABBED HIM. What will his fate be?! (Let’s just say without him around to scare people about the future, things on “Reign” would be a lot less tense.)

Posted by:Jean Bentley