reign sacrifice catherine ladies in waiting cw 'Reign' sneak peek: Queen Catherine sasses Mary's Ladies in WaitingEveryone loves a villain — they always have the best one-liners. That might be why Queen Catherine (Megan Follows) is one of the most fun characters on “Reign” (though maybe not a straight villain). Zap2it has a sneak peek at Thursday, Jan. 30 episode of the CW hit, titled “Sacrifice,” that features some of Catherine’s best verbal quips.

When the Queen is suspected of orchestrating a plot to kill Bash, Mary’s three Ladies-in-Waiting share some words with an under surveillance Catherine. She asks, “The three of you have come to buck each other up because I’m so frightening, or did you all just want the pleasure of seeing me brought so low?”

Quips Kenna, “I suppose a little bit of each, actually.”

Catherine has a few words for her — and Greer and Lola too. Check out the clip below, and tune in to “Reign” on The CW at 9 p.m. ET/PT every Thursday following “The Vampire Diaries.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley