reign liege lord adelaide kane cw 'Reign' star Adelaide Kane: Mary and Francis team up in 'Liege Lord' (for now)Mary and Francis have always had a fraught relationship on “Reign,” but in “Liege Lord,” the newlyweds will finally team up to fight a ridiculous clause their scheming mothers placed in their marriage contract.

“We see a little bit of marital bonding happening, which is a first for them — to agree on anything,” star Adelaide Kane tells Zap2it. “They uncover this secret clause in their marriage contract that neither of them knew about that has some very serious political ramifications for Mary.”

She continues, “Her husband doesn’t want to start their marriage on uneven footing or dishonesty, politically speaking, so he bands together with her to find a way to circumvent this clause that essentially sells Scotland out to France if she doesn’t provide an heir. It’s a huge shock for Mary that her mother has not only betrayed her, but has also betrayed all of Scotland for personal gain. For someone like Mary, that’s such a horrific and obscene concept. “

Mary’s been manipulated by her mother before, but this time it seems particularly self-serving. “She knows that her mother is manipulative, but she still believes in her core that her mother manipulated her for the betterment of Scotland,” Kane says. “She was still working in the country’s best interest, but in this episode I think she realizes that her mother is really just out for herself. That’s really hurtful and upsetting and horrifying.”

Their maternal betrayals will bring Mary and Francis together — at least for now. “For a little while,” says Kane.

Francis doesn’t necessarily believe Mary will wield her full power, but Kane says Mary is prepared to fight harder for Scotland than she ever has before. “I think they both talk good game, but when it’s come down to the wire he’s put his country before her more than once. And while she talks good game she doesn’t have a huge amount of power or influence in French court herself and she’s been undermined by him a few times. I don’t think he believes at the end of the day she’d sell out his country for her own.”

Kane continues, “It’s never easy for Mary and Francis. Essentially it boils down to protecting her country or protecting France. She has to really play hardball with her mother and Queen Catherine and threaten the very stability of the French government.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley