reign megan follows catherine royal blood 'Reign' star Megan Follows: 'Clarissa scares the bejesus out of Catherine'When “Reign” returns on Thursday (Feb. 27), the entire royal court of France must deal with the fallout from Queen Catherine’s secret — that the castle ghost is actually Clarissa, the product of an affair with one of King Henry’s friends — when Clarissa kidnaps Catherine and Henry’s two youngest sons.

Star Megan Follows, who plays the intimidating queen, tells Zap2it that her character is confused by Clarissa since she’s the only person she can’t control. Read on for more on the big reveal, how her betrayal will affect Catherine’s relationship with Henry, when Francis will come back into the picture, and more about the episode, “Royal Blood.”

Zap2it: When did you find out that Clarissa was Catherine’s daughter?
Follows: I had my suspicions. Even on before it was revealed I had a suspicion — episodes and episodes and episodes before — my maternal spidey senses had me just know that Clarissa was mine.

Now that King Henry knows about Catherine’s betrayal, will he ever forgive her?

I think it depends on what he recognizes that his wife can offer him, and I think there’s a skill set that she possesses, that she has innately, that he doesn’t always have. When he needs certain things — political savvy, for example — he has a deeper appreciation for me, because I’m the true politician in the relationship, in my opinion.

It’s messed up that he gets to have a mistress out in the open but Catherine can’t do the same.

I think that was very clever in the writing why she did something about that. And historically, that’s true. They didn’t have a child for 10 years — that’s a long, long time. It put her in huge jeopardy. Queens had been executed for less — you could provide the wrong gender of an heir and that was bad enough, but not providing any could be the end. So her motivation for doing it was survival.

It sounds like Catherine is distraught when Clarissa kidnaps her two younger sons.

I think it shows that as self-serving she may be at times, Catherine’s fiercely loyal to her children, and she steps up for them. [Clarissa kidnapping them] might be a big cry for attention, but it might not be the best way to win over your mother.

Will Catherine and Clarissa be able to forge some sort of relationship?

I think that Clarissa scares the bejesus out of Catherine, and not many people can do that, and the fact that she can’t control her is not something she likes either. That’s a complicated one for her. Clarissa is very complicated for Catherine. She’s not Henry’s.

Will we see Francis again soon?

He’s in the next episode. What’s interesting is we’re sort of following him in a new world. He now has a certain liberty and freedom that he has never had before.

There’s going to be a wedding soon, but who is Mary actually going to choose? Bash or Francis?

I can’t tell you who she actually marries — you’re right, there is a wedding, and there’s complicated politics around who is going to serve whose interests best. In a way it’s interesting — both sons represent different aspects and different people benefit, so there’s a lot of politics involved. That aside there’s also Mary’s deep love for both of them.

“Reign” airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Jean Bentley