reign bash mary kiss 'Reign' star Torrance Coombs on the kiss that heats up the Mary Francis Bash love triangleSo far on “Reign,” The CW’s sexy retelling of the story of Mary Queen of Scots, Mary’s affections have been directed towards Prince Francis, the man to whom she’s been engaged since they were children. But on Thursday’s (Nov. 14) episode, “A Chill in the Air,” the love triangle promised on the show’s posters finally comes to fruition and her flirtation with Francis’ illegitimate half brother, Bash, gets very real.

“Mary’s whole life has been about being engaged to Francis,” star Torrance Coombs, who plays Bash, tells Zap2it. “She always knew he was the man she was going to be with so she’s told herself she loves him and all these things. They actually do seem to have a connection. But then she and Bash share a moment and she suddenly starts to wonder what the other possibilities are, maybe kinda sorta. Certainly something that previously seemed unattainable for Bash suddenly seems like ‘Oh, well, maybe.'”

Yes, as you’ve possibly seen in pictures leaked on the Internet, Bash and Mary will share a kiss. “Things are heating up, as we say,” Coombs teases. “Francis has been dragging his heels a little bit, but he’s got an ex that comes into the picture and he still harbors feelings for her. In his wishy-washyness there’s room for me to get on in there. Mary of course is very upset and we have a couple drinks and commiserate, and things have a way of happening when you’re in that vulnerable sort of position.”

The ramifications of these things that happen (read: the kiss) will play out in episodes to come. “Basically, the relationship between the three of them ends up putting everybody’s lives in jeopardy,” Coombs says. “The stakes are not hurt feelings; the stakes are people’s ability to stay alive. They realize at that point it’s not a workable situation and the dynamic changes fairly permanently. Things can never really go back to the way they were.”

Because Francis is the legitimate son and he and Mary have been engaged for the good of their respective countries, it seems likely that Bash is the one who will have to move on. But it won’t necessarily be bad for him. “A door that may have previously been shut suddenly opens a crack. Basically, we’re on the verge right now of a big Bash storyline that’s been brewing but now it’s going to come to the forefront in the next five, six episodes,” he says. “We start to see a lot more of what happens in the woods, and the bromance that Bash and Francis have had to this point is irreparably harmed, I’m afraid.”

“Reign” airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Jean Bentley