Reports that Miley Cyrus has been killed by a drunk driver are not true.

Someone hacked into Miley’s YouTube video account and posted the news that the singer had been killed by a drunk driver. 

Set to the tunes of Miley’s sad single, "Goodbye," a message supposedly from her BFF Mandy Jiroux read:

"Hey guys, this is Mandy and I have some very sad news đŸ˜¦ …We’re very hurt to tell everyone this, but Miley died this morning after being hit by a drunk driver. Miley told us if anything ever happened to her, then we should let her fans know before the public … R.I.P. honey, we will miss you so much."

Needless to say, shock waves went out on the Web.

But then Jiroux posted this message on her MySpace page:

"MILEY IS OK!! Some1 hacked our youtube account!"

The report is totally false so relax. Whew. But who would DO such a thing? Awful.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead