MichaelJa_Pool_4864769_600 OK! magazine reportedly paid over $500,000 for the controversial "last" picture of Michael Jackson being carried on a stretcher, possibly dead.

But they've gotten more reaction than they bargained for.

The New York Post has reported that Sean Combs and Jay-Z are said to be so furious, "they're organizing a boycott,"

A rep for OK! has denied the boycott to the Post. "This is untrue. No one at OK! has been contacted about any such cancellations as a result of the magazine's coverage of this news event. Any pages booked by the advertising team are running as scheduled."

Even without a boycott, why the outrage over a photo that already aired Friday on the entertainment news show “The Insider?”

OK! Magazine published Michael Jackson's death photo on its cover this week. But "The Insider" showed the same photo on TV and posted it on its website last week. Click here (but its graphic, be warned) to see the photo

The show's website clearly says "The Insider" has the exclusive last photo of Michael Jackson before his death. But there is often a distinction between a print publication and a TV show and website's exclusive rights.

What do you think about this photo being released at all?

Is it disgusting and disrespectful? Or will it appeal to Michael's morbidly curious millions of fans? In a very creepy way, it is their last chance to say goodbye.

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Photo: Joe Jackson and son Michael Jackson. Credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead