psych cloudy with a chance of improvement Remake episode is 'Psych' all stars, 'a lot of things to pick out for super fans'Wednesday, Jan. 22, “Psych” is doing something never before seen on television: It remakes one of its earlier episodes. Andy Berman, who wrote both the original episode, “Cloudy … With a Chance of Murder,” and the remake, “Cloudy … With a Chance of Improvement,” tells Zap2it it’s about being more creative than they could be the first time around.

Michael Weston played lawyer Adam Hornstock in the original and reprises the role for the remake. Berman tells us that Weston is one of star James Roday‘s good friends in real life and they were being hilarious on set together — but none of that made it into the episode back in 2006.

“We were under a lot of restraints in our first season, with where the characters were and how much hijinks we could get into, how goofy the characters could get, and I think it suffered a little because of that,” says Berman. “We weren’t able to put a lot of the really, really goofy stuff in.”

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This time around, that’s not a problem. Hijinks abound in the remake. But it isn’t just the many hijinks viewers can look forward to. Berman says that instead of trying to recreate the first episode, with many actors reprising their roles, they decided to only bring back Weston and then make the rest of the episode a who’s-who of fan-favorites, plus add a twist to the original mystery.

ed lover cloudy with a chance of improvement psych Remake episode is 'Psych' all stars, 'a lot of things to pick out for super fans'“We landed on the idea that anyone who is a huge super-fan of the
show, there’s still a mystery involved and they would know exactly who
the murderer was and who did it, so we were automatically going to twist
that … it’s the same basic conceit of what the murder was, but now
we’re going to flip it on its ear and change who is the killer and who
some of the suspects are,” says Berman.

“There’s a meta aspect to it where our
characters are somewhat aware of the future, so we could make comments
on where our characters are going to be … that became a really fun
aspect,” Berman continues. “But the really fun thing is we said, ‘Well, who do we cast?’

“We obviously wanted a second shot at Michael Weston, so let’s keep him in the center of it, but now let’s cast around him fan-favorites, like ‘Psych’ all-stars, and that’s when I said this is kind of a genius thing.”

The addition of “Psych”-verse actors who have appeared as other characters means there is a certain amount of suspension of disbelief involved on the audience’s part, but Berman says they stayed true to the core story.

“It’s a parallel universe to a certain extent — you have to
suspend belief because you know these people as other characters,” says Berman, “but we
tried to stay true to where our core characters were in 2006. Shawn and
Juliet … had just begun flirting,
Lassiter’s attitude towards Shawn — he doesn’t trust him, he doesn’t
like him.”

“The third layer is we took some of the original people from the episode and sprinkled them into some smaller roles. There’s a lot of things to pick out for super fans,” Berman adds.

“Psych” airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

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