Olga Tavarez oversees modeling agencies and hand-picks models to manage their careers in her role as vice president of Paul Fisher’s new venture, The Network, on The CW series ‘Remodeled.’

“I launch them and get them booked on jobs and set up a lot of the stuff for them,” Tavarez says. “I have to kind of help them with their personal style and how to look like a model. When they are new faces, you have to kind of mold them and show them the way.”

Tavarez says each job has its relevance and is equally important. She shares her opinions of outfits from three different jobs she helped set up:

remo1 'Remodeled'

“This is from the spring preview in the March issue of Seventeen magazine. It’s a beauty shoot for one of the girls we represent, a super-cute mixture of ’70s and boho and girly. The butterfly necklace is adorable. This look is midrange because Seventeen is geared toward very young girls being able to get this look. They can find it in Forever 21, H&M, or vintage stores have these ’70s looks that are really fresh. Andrea loved this outfit, and it is kind of her personality so it just flowed for her.”

rem2 'Remodeled'

“I love this look for L magazine. This is very much my style. It’s very minimalist, almost a Japanese-inspired look, almost like a kimono. I love the white shoes. Definitely minimalist high fashion for someone a little older. This is a different type of job for a very high-fashion editorial magazine. That’s why we have these fashion bibles and amazing creative people who create these fresh looks and designers who inspire us and keep us having fun with fashion. For Meghan, it was the first time she had been in high fashion and styled this way – minimal – and it was new to her, and she loved it.”

rem3 'Remodeled'

“The coat, the whole look from the top I really love, very modern, sleek and structured. It’s really a cool look for a Paul Mitchell nationwide campaign, a huge thing for a model to do as well. I don’t understand the sock or the shoes. When you are doing stuff for a magazine or an ad you have to go kind of over the top. The top part I would definitely wear. The bottom part I think is more to be looked at in a magazine, not to be worn in real life. Hayley had never worn makeup or had her hair done and never wore anything like this before. She was a little shy at first and didn’t really know what to do … but once she loosened up she came into her own on this particular shoot.”

Posted by:Monique Marcil