Renee Zellweger
isn’t keen on working with stylists.

“I learned a big lesson.  I learned about instinct, and I learned about being comfortable, and I learned about being true to yourself.  You can’t put on a dress that doesn’t belong to your personality or who you are.  It’s like wearing someone else’s persona."

But she was really looking forward to wearing the sheer black top and black satin skirt by Carolina Herrera that she selected for the recent Golden Globes, a frock that was widely panned by the fashion press.

We like to call it "My Not-So-Fair Lady."

She raved about the Herrera gown to the Dish Rag at the junket for "New in Town," her romantic comedy, the day before the Globes.

"I kind of like my dress I’m wearing tomorrow (to the Golden Globes), I’m excited about it, I’m excited to put it on.  It’s such an appreciation for everything that goes into building it.  It’s extraordinary.  You know, a well-made dress."

Oh dear. Well-made maybe. But flattering? Not even close. And that old lady poufy hair? What was she thinking? 

Maybe she should rethink using a stylist from time to time.

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Zellweger says she also learned new style survival skills while filming “New in Town” in freezing Winnipeg.

“I didn’t know cold like that," marvels the actress. "And who knew that pantyhose could be so very important, three or four pairs at a time. I never imagined that I would rejoice at the pantyhose laid out on the bed by wardrobe every morning." 

"I would not be here today were it not for the Hanes, I promise this.”

— Reporting by Sal Morgan

Photo: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead