repo games s2 'Repo Games' Season 2: 'A lot more action packed,' says Sally Ann SalsanoThe last time Zap2it talked to Sally Ann Salsano about “Repo Games,” she recounted the tale of the caught-on-tape gun battle that went down during Season 1 of the Spike reality series. The premise: “contestants” — real life people who are facing repossession of their cars — answer trivia questions. If they get them right, they get to keep them. If not.

But, says the executive producer, the show is even more action-packed this season — which kicks off Wednesday night on Spike at 11 p.m. ET.

“The people are more prone to being threatening to the hosts,” she tells us.

Don’t worry, they’ve got security at all times. As for other changes, Salsano says that since the show has already aired for one season repo men Josh Lewis and Tom DeTone found themselves being recognized more often.

“Now that [repossessees] recognize the hosts, they’re acting like they’re on ‘The Price is Right.'” says Salsano. “Like they’re so excited to see us, which is an odd reaction to getting your car repossessed.”

“A lot people still don’t know, though, because people who have trouble paying for their cars are not necessarily subscribers to cable.”

What else?

“We have a lot of people trying to disconnect the cars this year, like they actually believe they could disconnect them from the repo vehicles,” she says. “Or they think that somehow if they jump on them as we’re driving down the street that will make us give them back.”

Note to self: That won’t work.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson