Al Gore sex scandal Report: Al Gore's accuser Molly Haggerty calls him 'a pervert'Here we go again. The massage therapist who has accused former vice president Al Gore of sexually attacking her has spilled the dirty deets to the National Enquirer, the go-to publication for sexual revelations about celebrities, politicians, sports figures and whatever Jesse James is.

Presumably, this interview, in which she calls Al “a pervert and a sexual predator,” was handsomely paid for by the Enquirer, just like Michelle Bombshell McGee‘s sexual ballad of Jesse James.
]]>According to RadarOnline, the woman’s name is Molly Haggerty. She initially filed a complaint with Portland, Oregon police in 2006. She wasn’t interviewed until early 2009 and police have now released a  transcript of her interview.
Al and Tipper announced their divorce after 40 years of marriage in early June. Larry David‘s ex-wife, Laurie David, has denied reports of having an affair with Al. Has anyone heard that joke about Tipper Gore needing to stick a warning label on Al?  What’s your take on all this? Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Photo credit: National Enquirer

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead