According to a former drug dealer, Angelina Jolie was high on cocaine when she appeared on the prestigious “Charlie Rose Show” back in 2000.

Angelina’s former dealer, Franklin Meyer, tells Life & Style that the actress used to do drugs in his room at the Chelsea hotel and at her place in the Ansonia in New York City. He says he was with Angie the day she appeared on Charlie Rose in 2000. “She was at my place. I was filming her and she’d taken coke, She went directly to do “The Charlie Rose Show.”

!n retrospect, an emotional Angelina does seem nervous, rambling and
confused, even to Charlie.

]]>Angie, just 24, who initially tells Charlie “I love this f—ing show”, seems nervous, stammers, gets chatty about her tattoos, gushy about her mother and questions her ability to be a “great great friend” but raves about her “best friend” brother James Haven. She talks about how “being free” and how hard it was let go her of her disturbed characters Gia, (from the TV film about a heroin addict model who died of AIDS) and Lisa, from “Girl, Interrupted,” because “they were friends of mine” and accidentally hits the microphone on her chest. She also giggles with Charlie about her various magazine covers extolling her as the next big thing. Meyer also claims Angie celebrated after the show with more drugs. “She did the show, then she came back over.” This does appear to be quite a contrast to her current controlled appearances talking about her various charity work and new roles. But then again, most young actors probably seem more skilled at talk shows now compared to a decade ago. What do you think? Was Angie high or just nervous? But first, watch her on Charlie Rose in 2006 talking about “The Good Shepherd.” Follow Zap2it and Elizadish on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news Video credits: YouTube

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead