jon kate gosselin kids expelled 500 Report: Gosselin kids expelled from school. Was Jon right?

Is 6-years-old too young to be a troubled child star? If the reports are correct, than no. And it may mean that Jon Gosselin may be right? The horror.
The Huffington Post among other media outlets are reporting that two of the young sextuplets from TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8” have been expelled from school for “rage issues.”
Alexis and Collin are reportedly being home-schooled after getting kicked out of their prestigious Pennsylvania private school.


“They’ve fought with their peers,” a source tells In Touch. “Called them nasty names and made fun of other kids.”
The source adds, “Collin had such bad issues that he refused to get his picture taken at school because he’s tired of being on-camera.”

You may remember that Jon criticized his former wife for continuing to include the kids on television, saying “I do not believe being on TV is beneficial to any of them. They are no longer toddlers that are oblivious to what is going on around them. They are now six and ten, in school and desperately in need of a normal life.”

Reports suggest that production scheduling has been getting in the way of the children’s schooling, though one source defends Kate Gosselin.

“[Kate’s] number one concern is protecting her children,” the source tells The New York Post. “And is keeping this personal situation as a private matter that she works out with her kids.”

Do you think Jon had it right? Or, are there bound to be some kids who get into trouble when you have such a large brood, any way?
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