jongosselin 290 001 Report: Jon Gosselin will countersue TLCTLC is suing former “Jon & Kate Plus 8” star Jon Gosselin for breach of contract, and Gosselin may be preparing to sue TLC right back.

No court papers have been filed yet, but RadarOnline reports that Gosselin’s reps, manager Mike Mike Heller and his brother, lawyer Mark Heller, are considering a countersuit against the cable channel. The site says Gosselin is “likely to argue” that TLC is keeping him from earning a living via a contract that prevents him from making paid appearances on other media outlets.

That’s a pretty standard feature in reality-show contracts, however, and TLC also says in its own suit that nothing is stopping Gosselin from returning to his pre-fame career in information technology.

Gosselin is slated to testify in a December hearing on TLC’s suit against him in Maryland. If Gosselin countersues, it’s unclear whether the suit will be filed in Maryland (where TLC parent Discovery Communications has its headquarters) or elsewhere; Mark Heller isn’t licensed to practice in the state.

That fact also leaves Gosselin, at least for now, without representation in the TLC hearing set for Dec. 14.

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Posted by:Rick Porter