Jonandkate_jonandkateplus8_290 We know that a supposedly big announcement is coming on next week’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” and if one report is to believed, the announcement will be that the couple is seeking a divorce.

That, at least, is the word from RadarOnline, which is saying that Jon and Kate Gosselin, the TLC stars whose marriage has been the subject of nonstop scrutiny for the past several months, will say they’re splitting up on Monday’s show.

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Radar cites “a source close to the situation” as saying that Kate has met with a divorce lawyer, and another source that says the couple had agreed to separate by mid-July. “That timetable has now been moved forward,” the site says, adding that Jon will file divorce papers next week.

TLC would only say “We have no comment” in response to a Zap2it inquiry about the story.

The speculation about the couple’s future — and that of their eight children, 8-year-old twins and 5-year-old sextuplets — went into overdrive Thursday following the release of a TLC promo about Monday’s episode, with on-screen text calling the Gosselins “a family in turmoil” and asking “Where do they go from here?”

Even as speculation about the Gosselins’ marriage has heated up, ratings for “Jon & Kate Plus 8” have been trending down since the show’s record-setting premiere on May 25. That episode drew nearly 10 million viewers, but its audience has shrank each week since. This week’s episode brought in 2.9 million viewers.


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Posted by:Rick Porter