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A beloved black athlete. A gorgeous blond wife. But no blood in the car? It’s definitely not the OJ Simpson case.  
But it’s still got the Florida cops baffled.

]]>Turns out that Tiger Woods did not bleed in his crashed Cadillac SUV last Friday morning.

 Cops from the Windermere PD, first on the scene, noted that  Tiger had a lower lip split open and some other wounds.

But according to TMZ sources, there was absolutely no blood found in the SUV.

So much for Tiger’s wife, Elin Nordegren‘s initial report to the Windermere cops claiming she smashed the back passenger window with the golf club, then unlocked the driver’s door and dragged Tiger out. 
With no traces of blood, it appears that Tiger’s wounds were not caused by the fire hydrant or the tree he hit.
So what caused them? That’s what the cops want to know. But Tiger’s not talking. Neither is Elin.
Your thoughts? Was she steaming about that National Enquirer Rachel Utichel adultery report? Or maybe he didn’t take out the trash. Again.
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