chuck sarah season4 320 Reports: 'Chuck' is 'likely to return' next season; conflicting info on 'Wonder Woman' [Updated]UPDATE 8:45 p.m. ET: Deadline is reporting NBC has picked up dramas “Smash” and “Prime Suspect” and comedies “Whitney” and “Alpha Mom,” which is now going by the title “Up All Night.”

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Could there still be hope for a fifth season of “Chuck”? According to a couple of reports, there could indeed be.

Variety reports the series “is likely to return for at least 13 episodes” in 2011-12. TVLine says much the same. We’ll find out for sure on Sunday (May 15), when NBC holds a press conference to announce its schedule for next season.

Meanwhile, there’s conflicting information about whether the already-heavily-scrutinized “Wonder Woman” pilot will be part of NBC’s 2011-12 plans. The Variety story linked above says no. A source tells TV by the Numbers, however, that the show starring Adrianne Palicki has indeed secured a series order.

There’s more consensus about two other NBC drama pilots, “Smash” and “Prime Suspect”; both have been at or near the top of the buzz list for the past couple weeks and are considered strong bets to be picked up. Period drama “The Playboy Club” and the twisty cop show “REM,” from “Lone Star” creator Kyle Killen, are also in contention.

On the comedy side, the top contenders remain “Alpha Mom” (formerly the untitled Emily Spivey show), “Whitney” (starring comedian Whitney Cummings) and “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea,” based on Chelsea Handler‘s book.

As for shows already on the air, several reports say “Harry’s Law” is a good bet return next season, while “The Event” is (unsurprisingly) a goner.

Posted by:Rick Porter