"Rescue Me" returns tonight and, I have to tell you, it's damn funny and yet sort of depressing at the same time.

The funny mostly comes from the dialogue between the firemen on the show, no surprise to anyone who's seen "Rescue Me" before. This is the only series on television where the male characters talk to one another the way guys actually talk in real life. Whether they're ragging on each other or just saying stupid b.s., it's pretty comical, because the writing is unapologetic and spot on.

At the same time, however, the premiere kind of depressed me. From the family dysfunction (though that can be pretty funny at times, too) to the fact that Tommy's father's funeral — remember, he passed away at the ballpark during the show's last season finale? — opens the year, the characters are dealing with a lot of resentment and anger and bitterness.

And of course, someone we've known for a long time will fall off the wagon in this first hour and when this person is found, he or she will be lamenting the fleeting, insignificant nature of life and the fact that nothing really means anything.

Totally awesome, no?

On top of that, as I told you long ago, one of the boys we dearly love will be diagnosed with cancer this season, most likely a result of the fumes he inhaled during post 9/11 clean up.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are definitely bright spots. Michael J. Fox has a guest star arc playing Janet's new boyfriend who just loves to bust Tommy's balls. Gina Gershon is still on the show playing Tommy's current lunatic love interest. Franco, Sean and Mike are going to attempt to open a business together. And Black Sean is falling in love with Tommy's daughter Colleen.

Tommy, of course, will likely fly into an uncontrollable fit of rage when he finds this out, but for now, everything is okay.

Tell me, will you give "Rescue Me" a shot tonight? I think you should, despite what I said about the whole depression thing. "RM" handles despondency better than any other series I've seen. The whole ride is worth it, so yeah, just watch.

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh