revenge emily nolan 'Revenge' boss says no romance for Emily and Nolan, plus: Daniel's dark side emerges!“Revenge” returns tonight on ABC with a doozy of an episode, but that’s nothing compared to what’s coming down the road this season. Daniel, who will be arrested for the murder of his former best friend Tyler tonight, is no longer the happy-go-lucky rich kid we met on the boat in the pilot. 

“You are going to see a very much darker side of Daniel,” executive producer Mike Kelley told our friends at E!. “It’s really interesting. We’re actually heading toward the end of the season where he definitely takes a turn and in a lot of ways helps Emily stay focused on what her reason for coming out to the Hamptons was in the first place.”

Uh oh. Does that mean that the romance goes out of the picture?


Emily will turn some of her focus toward Jack as he becomes more involved in the murder case. “He’s pretty screwed,” Kelley admits. “Don’t worry. He’ll have Emily on his side. You’ll want Emily on your side when you’re screwed.” Now that Amanda is gone, Jack’s feelings for Emily will surface again, and we can expect to see that love triangle grow more intense in future episodes building toward a wedding in Season 2… though we won’t find out the groom until later.

One man can be ruled out completely: Nolan. Kelley says that Nolan and Emily are not ever going to hook up. Sorry, shippers! These two are strictly platonic — and Kelley even says that a kiss between them would border on incestuous. “We’re going to get into that sort of family feeling between the two of them. They’re kind of a weird brother-sister to me and that is by design. David Clarke was his father figure really,” he says. “The fact that people want them to kiss weirds me out because they are never going to kiss. No, I think of them as brother and sister and no more.”

Tune in to “Revenge” tonight at 10 p.m. EST to find out what happened on the beach!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie