revenge sabotage daniel emily 1 abc 'Revenge' photos: Are Emily and Daniel getting back together?Despite the duplicitous motives underlying their relationship, Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) and Daniel Grayson (Joshua Bowman) seemed to be living the dream in “Revenge” Season 1. Legal woes, disapproving families and even the occasional murder couldn’t keep these two kids apart!

And then it ended. Now, well into season 2 of the soapy drama, could the former fiances get back together? A few photos from the upcoming episode, “Sabotage,” indicate that a flame could reignite.

revenge sabotage daniel emily 2 abc 'Revenge' photos: Are Emily and Daniel getting back together?
Granted, Emily is — as far as anyone knows — still with her vengeance sidekick, Aiden (Barry Sloane). If that’s the case, then any cozying between the lady and Daniel may be just part of an act. The official episode description for “Sabotage” backs this up:

“A fundraiser and wine auction provide the perfect backdrop for Emily and Aiden’s next plan of attack, while Victoria strategically plots her next move. Meanwhile, Jack, Declan and Amanda struggle with what lies ahead.”

No matter how loving and interested Emily seems in Daniel, it may be nothing more than the next step in her plans against the Grayson family.

A final photo seems to back up this theory. In it, Emily looks pleased at the arrival of some third person, despite the fact that she was, only moments before, gazing into Daniel’s pretty eyes with love. Such pleasure indicates a clever plan, not a renewed romance.

revenge sabotage daniel emily 3 abc 'Revenge' photos: Are Emily and Daniel getting back together?
On the other hand, did Emily ever really get over Daniel? She protested to Takeda that Daniel was just a means to an end, but there was genuine affection seen at times throughout last season. Emily is cold, but even she doesn’t just forget about love.

What will happen? Whatever it is, the results can’t be good for Daniel. We may find out when “Sabotage” airs on Sunday, Jan. 13 at 9pm on ABC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown