revenge ranking retribution jack emily nolan nick weschler abc 'Revenge' ranking: Who was the worst person in 'Retribution'

“Revenge” is back, and everyone is more horrible than ever. But who was the worst person in “Retribution”? We examine the usual suspects here.

Note: A ranking of number 1 on this list designates the worst person. The higher the number, the more decent a human being we have.

Conrad (Henry Czerny)
True to form, Conrad’s response to the boat accident was self-interest and anger at Nate Ryan (Michael Trucco) for the complication. Visiting Jack in the hospital and then making a speech about Amanda for political gain were especially cold moves. At least he paid Jack’s medical bills?

Trask (Burn Gorman)
He’s a member of the Initiative. Threats and sinister behavior are part of Trask’s DNA. Does that make him evil? Well… Yes. Yes it does. Other than veiled threats, however, Trask didn’t do much.

Victoria (Madeleine Stowe)
The woman’s manipulation of grief to get close to Charlotte wasn’t all that awful. Victoria was just being her opportunistic self. Setting up Aiden to take the fall for whatever the Initiative wants was cold though.

Daniel (Josh Bowman)
His horror at the possible death of Amanda aside, Daniel rather coldly moved on to his own business. And that business included threatening Nolan and setting up Aiden.

Nolan (Gabriel Mann)
While Nolan was in sulky mode, it was justified. The real bad behavior was probably completing that scary computer thing and handing it over to Padma.

Jack (Nick Weschler)
Jack’s mistrust of Amanda and Conrad and everyone else was pretty justified. And disregarding medical advice only hurt Jack himself. The sudden anger at Emily, on the other hand, was kind of mean.

Aiden (Barry Sloane)
Aiden was trying to be a nice guy throughout all this, but he really wasn’t good at it. At least Emily got to send the guy to manipulate Daniel.

Declan (Connor Paolo)
Other than suffering the sin being Declan, the boy was pretty blameless in “Retribution.”

Ashley (Ashley Madekwe)
At least Ashley had the decency to find Amanda’s death (and the Graysons’ complicity in it) repulsive. Granted, she didn’t find it repulsive enough to quit her cushy job with that evil family.

Emily (Emily VanCamp)
This being Emily, of course her knee-jerk reaction to grief is full-on retribution. But she didn’t exactly have the chance to be mean. Honestly, this may be the single nicest we have ever seen Emily throughout the entire run of “Revenge.”

Charlotte (Christa Allen)
The poor little girl was only trying to be a good sister when she went to track down Amanda’s family. It’s not Charlotte’s fault that this was a dangerous move.

Posted by:Laurel Brown