revenge emily van camp review abc 'Revenge' recap: 25th is the Revenge AnniversaryConrad and Victoria have been together for a quarter century. That’s a lot of time to be putting on social gatherings and destroying weaker socialites. To mark this momentous occasion, the Graysons are all being interviewed for a feature in the local paper. This causes a lot of tension for all involved. Victoria is sick of projecting a perfect existence after everything that’s happened and Daniel is annoyed when Tyler disrespects Emanda’s wish to not be named in his profile. Charlotte is provoked to rebel when Victoria tells her she can’t invite Dec to the special anniversary family dinner. All of this comes to a head at the dinner table. Declan outs Emanda for visiting Jack at the Stowaway where she was trying to smooth things over after leaving Jack with his heart hanging out, and Dec storms out of the dinner when he realizes his and Jack’s kind is not welcome. Daniel also storms out because he thinks Emanda has been seeing Jack behind his back, Charlotte chases after Dec, and Ashley leaves because Tyler stood her up. Victoria and Conrad are left alone at the table. It’s a dinner disaster!

Tyler didn’t make it to the dinner because Emanda gave Nolan the task of personally taking him down. And he does exactly that. Some digging turns up that Tyler has recently had all his bills paid for by a man who now has a restraining order against him. Nolan threatens to reveal Tyler’s past if he doesn’t completely come clean, which he does. It turns out his family is broke and he is trying to worm his way into an entry-level job at Grayson Global. Tyler, backed into a corner, offers his services to Nolan. That ridiculously brief jump cut of a move Tyler put on Daniel last episode was not imagined. TPTB treat Nolan and Tyler’s respective sexualities with ambiguity, but that doesn’t stop them from totally getting it on (!) in an agreement to keep Tyler’s past secret. Ugh, Nolan, you can do so much better; Tyler is decidedly not the only bi-curious guy in the Hamptons! Nolan manages to video record the sexing and will presumably save it for a rainy day when Tyler chooses to be a nuisance again.

Meanwhile, Frank has been continuing his quest to prove someone else is responsible for the events that led to his downfall. He tracks down the juvenile detention center where Emanda was incarcerated and eventually breaks in to discover the case file for Emily Thorne. It leads him to a strip club where the real Emily Thorne is dancing under the alias “Amanda Clarke.” He bribes her for information and learns about the name switch and also informs her of Emanda’s current life, of which Stripper Emily had lost track. When Frank calls Victoria to tell her the wacky news, he’s whacked to death with a tire iron by Stripper Emily before he can make the big reveal. She shows up at Emanda’s door and tells her about what Frank found out before she took care of him.

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