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With so many double-crosses and conflicting schemes, it seems that everyone in the “Revenge” episode, “Revelations,” lost out. How exactly? This recap has the answers.

“Sacrificial lamb, reporting for the slaughter. I wasn’t expecting an actual firing squad.”

The plan to let Daniel (Joshua Bowman) take NolCorp in order to control Grayson Global is progressing nicely. Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) are desperately wooing some accented man named Salvador, while Nolan (Gabriel Mann) simply accepts his fate as the martyr in all of this. Emily (Emily Vancamp) and Aiden (Barry Sloane) scheme. Daniel smirks and looks longingly at lost Emily.

So, pretty much status quo.

Also fitting in to the status quo is the presence of the Initiative. They’re perfectly fine with Daniel’s takeover and inform Conrad and Victoria that they will be working with the boy from now on. Mommy and Daddy Grayson are almost touchingly upset about this.

They may be evil, horrible people willing to do anything. But at least they love their son!

“Hello, Lady Macbeth.”

Nolan knows that Daniel has to take lots and lots of NolCorp, but Daniel actually manages to outsmart everyone and do even worse. Thanks to intel from Marco Ramiro (E.J. Bonilla), Daniel knows about the missing $500 million Nolan once hid for Amanda. Except that Marco hasn’t mentioned where the money went, for some obscure reason.

Daniel leverages what he does know to get 51 percent and a control of NolCorp. To add insult to injury, Nolan has to stay on as an employee.

Unfortunately, Nolan isn’t the only one getting screwed in Daniel’s dealings. Thanks to Ashley’s (Ashley Madekwe) warnings, Daniel starts to make plans to remove Aiden from having any influence on Grayson Global.

Aiden and Emily know all about this. This is not good for Ashley.

“You have wormed your way to the very nadir of repugnance.”

Naturally, Emily has dirt on Ashley, just waiting to be used. It seems that young Miss Davenport had one night of passion with Conrad a little while ago. Like everything Grayson-related, this tryst was recorded by Emily.

That’s handy.

The first one to get the video is Victoria, who enjoys the footage on her phone. She shares the film with Conrad, and the loving couple spends some quality time yelling and suspecting the Initiative. Victoria eventually decides to use her pain to hurt others, and takes the sex tape to Ashley. Needless to say, Ashley doesn’t want Daniel to know about any of this.

And Victoria is willing to keep the whole thing quiet — for a price. Ashley gets to go seduce Salvador, exchanging herself for the man’s vote for Conrad.

Although this is not exactly what Emily and Aiden had intended, they at least find out about the new scheme in time to turn it back into their favor. Aiden informs Daniel about his girlfriend’s whereabouts and watches with barely controlled amusement as Daniel blackmails Sal for his vote.

Incongruous religion and incidental revenge

Thanks to little Carl Porter, “Revenge” does the unthinkable and randomly enters a church in “Revelations.” A priest baptizes the infant, and everyone promises to lead him into goodness.

Of course, Carl’s godmother is Emily. And Nate and Kenny Ryan (Michael Trucco and JR Bourne) are in the back of the church hatching schemes against the Porters and their dad’s old friend, Matt Duncan (aka, the guy who actually shot the elder Ryan).

How is a baby expected to do good with all that around him?

The badness only spreads after the baptism is over. The Ryans, having identified Duncan as someone involved in their father’s death, beat the guy senseless down on the docks. Even though Jack (Nick Weschler) pretends to know nothing about this, they still threaten him — they have crossed out Duncan’s name from Carl Porter’s address book, indicating one act of vengeance completed.

Hey! They’re just like Emily!

“What the hell was that for?” “Take your pick.”

Leaving behind the messy but relatively simple world of the Porters, it’s time for the big Grayson Global vote. It’s no surprise, considering all his maneuvers, that Daniel wins this easily. Sure, nobody likes Daniel anymore, but at least he’s in power!

The same cannot be said for Aiden. Despite all promises and despite the Ashley situation, Daniel has decided to cut Aiden out of the board and access to the company. Is it just me, or is Aiden really not so good at this revenge thing?

Conrad and Victoria are rather defeated. In the end, they didn’t tell Daniel about the Initiative issue, not that it would have helped. Conrad takes solace in believing that Daniel will simply destroy the company in a short amount of time. Victoria takes solace in slapping Conrad.

“Well that was unexpected.”

The end of “Revelations” is filled — like so many “Revenge” episodes — with reveals and twists. They are:

  • Nolan and Padma sign away the company in his dark office. She’s actually more upset than he is. That’s because Nolan has a secret plan to destroy the Graysons from the inside. But will he be able to do it with Marco and his annoying secrets?
  • A suddenly savvy Conrad sweeps his house for surveillance, and a technician seems to find one of Emily’s cameras.
  • Emily and Aiden snuggle by a fire, vengeance taking a back seat to romance for the moment.
  • Jack rips up the floor of his boat and finds the gun that killed the elder Ryan several years earlier.
  • Daniel sits alone in his office, deleting pictures of Ashley and drooling over pictures of Emily. He finds a note: “Welcome to the fold.” It seems to have come with a gift clock. That clock holds a camera, projecting a view of Daniel to the Initiative board. They are ready to vote on something.
  • Victoria places a call to Emily, saying they need to talk. But what could the two woman have to talk about? Could there be an unholy alliance between Emily and Victoria?

We will find out in many, many weeks when “Revenge” finally returns.

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