revenge emily van camp review abc 'Revenge' recap: Divorces for Everyone!The thing about assuming the identity of the person with which you switched identities with once before (and dating their childhood love), is that eventually that ****’s going to catch up with you. Jack starts to sense there’s something a little bit off about Amily since she doesn’t seem to really remember some of the very special memories they should share from childhood, and Sammy doesn’t seem to like her. Lucky for her, Emanda is dead-set on following through with this “kill her with kindness” plan. She offers up a journal to Amily from when she was still young so Amily can keep up her appearance with Jack. The usurped romance continues to blossom, but Emanda makes sure the Graysons are aware Amanda Clarke is back in the Hamptons.

Speaking of the Graysons, Grayson Manor is a very quiet place these days. In addition to Daniel already being gone, Conrad files for divorce and Charlotte starts scheming with Declan to move out. Dec actually takes a lecture from Jack to heart, and decides he needs to develop more into a man before he makes this move with Charlotte, or he could risk messing it all up in the long-run. Instead, Charlotte ends up going to live with Conrad. That means Victoria is all alone with Tyler, whom we find out has run out of his anger-suppressing medication.

That’s important because the business competition between Tyler and Daniel at Grayson Global has gotten nasty. Emanda steals Nolan’s sex tape of Tyler and tells Daniel the only reason Nolan did business with him is because he was blackmailed. Daniel takes this info to Conrad, who tries to fire Tyler, but Tyler pulls out his ace in the hole. He threatens to expose the Graysons’ role in framing David Clarke. So, that means Tyler gets to continue to be part of the family and keep his job. Daniel is livid when he finds out his dad is keeping Tyler on, and gives his full allegiance to Victoria in the impending divorce case, offering to dig up any info he can find at Grayson Global that would help her. She will probably need a lot of help because the lawyer taking up her cause is the same lawyer who chose not to go forward with David Clarke’s appeal. He will probably have a red X marked on his face in a photo very soon.

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