revenge emily van camp review abc 'Revenge' recap: Dog Day AfternoonA plan has been formulated by Emanda to track down the villainous White-Haired Man who killed her father. Through her surveillance of Conrad’s office at Grayson Global, she deduces there are some tensions between the two men. Emanda records video of her and Daniel sleeping (actual sleeping) together and sends it to Conrad, effectively framing WHM for making a threat on the heir to the Grayson Empire. Conrad arranges to meet WHM to settle their score, which means Emanda can now locate and track the object of her revenge.

That’s great except the time of their meeting coincides with an important wedding planning thing between her, Daniel and Ashley. Dan’s already lost his patience with Ems disappearing and keeping secrets, so she sticks around and relies on Nolan to do recon work. It really doesn’t make any difference at all because Ems stays glued to her phone the whole time and pisses off Daniel anyway. Once the meeting’s over, she heads for WHM’s house, but it turns out Nolan gave her the wrong address to protect her from becoming a murderer. Instead, Nolan gains entrance to WHM’s house by disguising himself as a cable repair guy. He sets up surveillance under WHM’s careful watch, and gets out without a hitch… except for arousing a tiny bit of suspicion when WHM asks for some identification, which Nolan can’t provide. Oh, Nolan… you so crazy.

Emanda gets a little bit distracted because Sammy the Ageless Dog is dying. I know, right? While Jack is all-consumed with finding his dog (and never thinks to look at Casa Emily where his dog always goes), Emanda finds her former puppy barely alive on her porch. She calls Jack over so they can be with Sammy during his final moments. Emanda kisses Jack (!), probably figuring she can blame the emotion of the moment later. That might fly if Emanda wants to distance herself from Jack, but it won’t solve the fact Ashley spies their make-out session… even though there’s no real reason for her to have been outside Casa Emily in the first place. Whatever.

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