revenge emily van camp review abc 'Revenge' recap: Election Watch 2011We’re still exacting revenge on people directly involved in the trial of Emanda’s father, it seems. It just so happens the district attorney who prosecuted David Clarke’s case is now a local senator still very much connected to the Graysons. Senator Tom Kingsly is planning his announcement speech of candidacy for re-election at a big party thrown at Grayson Manor as Emanda works in the background with Nolan to bring Kingsly down. Nolan hacks Kingsly’s tablet so Emanda can directly contact the young senator to show him incriminating videos she has of him cheating on his wife. The whole thing comes to a head at the candidacy speech when Kingsly’s mistress shows up and his speech is remotely replaced by Emanda with an announcement of him dropping out of the election.

The mistress had been receiving texts and emails from someone posing as Kingsly, with an invitation for their romance to continue and promises of him leaving his wife. Ultimately, the person sending the texts invited the mistress, who is now with child (!), to the speech. That may not have been part of Emanda’s plan. Investigation by Frank reveals the messages were sent from Conrad’s laptop, meaning it was probably Victoria lashing out at the man who convicted her not-so-secret lover David. She very clearly holds a grudge against Kingsly and her loyalty to Conrad is waning after his affair with her best friend. Meanwhile, she tries to catch Emanda in a lie by seating her next to Lydia’s husband at the party because she believes the two of them had an affair, but it turns out Michael is with a new woman who he was introduced to by Emanda. Curses!

Things between Daniel and our anti-hero progress slightly. Emanda intentionally arranges a dinner date at a restaurant where the brother of the ex-girlfriend Daniel injured in his drunk driving accident works. Things get ugly since it’s the first time they’ve been face-to-face since the accident. To his credit, Daniel handles the whole thing quite gracefully and shows that he might just have some tact hidden in that Grayson when he takes Emanda’s advice to go against his mother’s ban on talking to the ex-girlfriend to go apologize for how things went down.

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