revenge emily van camp review abc 'Revenge' recap: Fire is Mightier than the PenIt turns out there was a tell-all, best-selling book all about David Clarke’s villainy. The problem as far as the author, Mason Treadwell, is concerned is: He promised little Amanda Clarke at the outset of writing the book that he would save her father. Instead, he was bought off by the Graysons and wrote an account that was much in line with the negative image of David we’ve all come to know was perpetuated in the minds of the public. Emanda sees an opportunity to return the favor to this sell out when Victoria asks Mason to interview Amily about her possible ulterior motives for sticking around the Hamptons. Amily is fed her interview responses by Emanda through an earpiece, allowing Ems to vicariously threaten Mason and give him one last opportunity to clear the record about David. When he caves to pressure from Victoria at a public reading of his finding about Amanda Clarke, Emanda decides to burn down his house and the only copy of his memoirs. This is exactly why saving to the cloud is a good idea.

Amily has become restless hanging around the Stowaway with boring, straight-laced Jack. She starts lashing out at him with paranoid jealousies of Emanda and Coyote Ugly bartending antics. Jack is completely repulsed by this glimpse of stripper until Declan suggests he lighten up or he might end up like their dead dad (harsh). When Dec is right, Dec is right. Jack lets his hair down and takes Amily on her requested trip to Atlantic City. Aside: So annoyed by this girl who could be in Paris right now. /aside.

Things are chugging along with Daniel and Emanda, as well. He plans on moving back in with his mother temporarily because she’s shaken up about Tyler’s meltdown, but Dan wants to ultimately move in with Emanda somewhere in the city. She stalls by claiming she won’t move in with anyone until she’s married, citing it’s out of respect to how traditional her parents were. This coincides with Daniel trying to make a play for his trust fund and shares of Grayson Global so he and his mother can wrest control of the company from Conrad. What does that have to do with marrying Emanda? Conrad and his lawyer begin to suspect Daniel’s possible motive, so Conrad amends the terms of Daniel’s contract to stipulate he needs to reach the age of thirty or get married to gain access. That’s more than enough to have Daniel determined to ask Emanda to marry him, but Victoria still insists he should wait, despite this being a sure way to beat Conrad. She goes as far as to have Ashley suggest to Emanda that if Dan were to propose, it might be motivated by money.

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