revenge emily van camp review abc 'Revenge' recap: Hell of a New Year's ResolutionIt’s the year 2002. We’re at war. The Tim Duncan-lead Spurs and Kobe Bryant-lead Lakers are NBA title contenders. Spider-Man is hitting theaters. It’s crazy! Also, a certain revenge plot hasn’t formed just yet. At this point, Emanda is completely self-destructive and aimless. Nolan finds her belligerently drunk and violent at a nightclub, once again inviting her to find out who her father really was. She returns to the Hamptons and finds Jack as he’s just moving into the Stowaway with Dec and his father. That seems to be a dead-end, though, because Jack’s involved with the cute bartender. Ouch.

The Graysons are nearly ten years removed from what they did to David Clarke, so it’s surprising when they receive a threatening card in the mail that simply says “Shame” from David Clarke with blood splatters. Conrad decides they should invite everyone who was involved in David’s framing, or who knew about it, to a New Year’s Eve party at Grayson Manor so Frank can do some investigating into who’s responsible.

Emanda hangs around the Stowaway some more and has the infamous catering job at the New Year’s party fall into her lap when Jack’s girlfriend can’t do it. At the party, everyone Emanda has taken down in the present day is there. There’s Bill Harmon, Tom Kingsly, Dr. Michelle Banks, Lydia Davis and Mason Treadwell. They all mingle inconsequentially, except this is the night that Conrad and Lydia’s secret affair began. As Ems pretends to serve guests, she makes note of who’s in attendance and eavesdrops on conversations until she bumps into Grayson Global Senior Accountant Roger Halstead. He’s a complete paranoid and drunken mess because he’s the guy Nolan’s aunt was working with to expose Conrad. His cynicism catches Emanda’s attention. He sneaks her advice that she’s barking up a path of conspiracy. That is, until he’s murdered by Frank in the pool house bathroom!

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