revenge emily van camp review abc 'Revenge' recap: If There's a Dimwit, You Must AcquitWe’ve flashed forward to December and are already nearing the end of Daniel’s trial. It’s probably better that way since this should pretty much be an open-and-shut case by all stretches of the imagination. Declan is set to be the final witness for the prosecution, and everything hinges on whether he’ll recant his statement about seeing a hoodied figure on the beach the night of Tyler’s murder. While still unsuccessfully following a cold Amily trail, Jack finds out this is what’s going on back home, and decides to return to Montauk to advise his brother to come clean so he’ll avoid throwing away his future for perjury. You know… basic brotherly advice.

Jack returning home poses a few problems for Emanda. One, she has to make sure Victoria doesn’t try to pin the murder on him. And two, Daniel begins to suspect she’s cheating with Jack while she tries diverting him. Daniel is driven mad by being close enough to see suspicious meetings with Jack at Casa Emily, but being unable to get closer because of his house arrest monitor. He goes into a drunken, jealous rage and confronts Emanda at Casa Emily, breaking his house arrest. As he comes to the realization he’s made a mistake, he’s arrested and sent back to Rikers Island. It’s just been that kind of year for, Dan.

Declan’s big court date finally comes. He chooses to stick with his lie to protect Jack and testifies he saw no one on the beach. Daniel seems doomed, but Emanda finds out Jack has the bloody hoodie still, so she breaks into his place and snatches it. She plants it on Victoria’s goon who has been trying to intimidate a juror on Victoria’s behalf to acquit Daniel. Goon is arrested on suspicion of Tyler’s murder and vows to expose the Graysons, so Conrad steps in and has him murdered in jail with a fake suicide note pinned to him, confessing to Tyler’s murder. But, hey, it’s not all evildoing from Conrad as far as we’re concerned. Conrad also banished the awkward painter affair storyline for us by threatening Dominick. So… there’s that.

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