revenge emily van camp review abc 'Revenge' recap: Kill White Haired Man: Volume 1We’ve all been waiting for a honest to goodness showdown, and it’s finally here… sort of. In the process of stealing Conrad’s stash of evidence, Emanda realizes it’s been decidedly less Nolany around here lately. She goes to see why Nolan’s not returning her calls and finds a video feed set up in Nolan’s house that shows the White-Haired Man has him bound and gagged… and not in the way Nolan probably would enjoy. Emanda offers herself up in a face-to-face showdown to spare Nolan’s life.

Ems meets up with WHM completely unarmed, and very sportingly, she agrees to chloroform herself before being transported to WHM’s lair. She wakes up to find herself tied up alongside Nolan. Before he can torture or kill them, Ems gives WHM some false info about where he can find the stash of evidence, manages to untie herself and Nolan, and instructs Nolan where to really find the evidence so he can hand it over to Agent McGowan at the S.E.C. When WHM comes back, Ems is waiting for him with a giant steel ax. Seriously. They fight, and Emanda ultimately wins, but she suddenly remembers her father asked her when she was a child to promise she would never give up her love for all things and people. Ugh. That means no killing. Emanda lets WHM go. That’s, like, the least vengeful thing you can do. That’s devenge.

Daniel gets a tip from the magnificently extraneous Ashley that she spotted Emanda and Jack making out. He confronts Emanda when she returns from her anti-showdown with WHM, and she’s pretty much over it all. She admits to the affair and breaks off their engagement. Bah… and they would’ve had such an entertaining, over-the-top wedding.

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