revenge emily van camp review abc 'Revenge' recap: Mother Daughter DSM IVWe’re spared any courtroom players being the target of the week this time. Emanda’s mark is the woman who presided over her when she was institutionalized as a child, and is now Emanda’s psychiatrist. This woman wasn’t just doing her job. Dr. Michelle Banks went out of her way to keep Little Amanda separated from her father. Luckily, a lot of Emanda’s work is already done for her in this bit of revenge. Dr. Banks has been secretly video recording all of her sessions with patients.

Among those patients is Victoria and seemingly every other woman in the Hamptons. How convenient is it for Emanda that Victoria happens to be putting together yet another event — a mother-daughter charity tea to promote mental health with Dr. Banks as the guest speaker? Part of Michelle’s presentation at the event involves a video which Emanda copies over with Dr. Banks’ patient videos to appear as though Michelle was planning to market them as a sleazy hidden camera website. It plays out like any Hamptons woman’s biggest nightmare — all their secrets and gossip revealed in front of all their peers. A session in which Victoria admits to regretting having a second child screens in front of Charlotte, prompting her to run away from home and providing an opportunity for Declan to score some brownie points with her.

Michelle disappears after this ruinous debacle, the last time she was seen in public being at the event as Victoria threatened to destroy her. Queen Victoria tries to have Frank get his hands on any remaining videos at Dr. Banks’ office, but Nolan beats them to it and posts it all online. The cops become involved and we find out through flashback Victoria employed Michelle to keep Little Amanda from ever seeing her father again in exchange for being set up with her own private practice and rich clientele. Emanda tortures Michelle for a while by having her locked up in a storage container by herself much in the same way the doctor did to Emanda when she was little. She’s eventually released with no idea who held her captive.

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