revenge emily van camp review abc 'Revenge' recap: Never Switch Identities With a StripperThe simultaneous death of Frank and awakening of Lydia from her coma sends the Graysons into complete disarray. Conrad and Victoria are entirely suspicious of each other, Victoria thinking Conrad had Frank murdered and Conrad thinking Victoria bringing Lydia to stay at Grayson Manor is a calculated move against him. Daniel renounces allegiance to his mother when he finds out about her surveillance of Emanda through detectives investigating Frank’s murder. Charlotte is so distraught to learn Conrad has been kicked out of the house and she’ll be alone with her mother that it creates a little speed bump in her romance with Declan. The only good thing that happens for the Graysons is Daniel quits his job at the Stowaway and resumes his apprenticeship at Grayson Global under his father — much to Tyler’s chagrin, but screw Tyler.

Emanda dumps Stripper Emily Thorne on Nolan while she covers her tracks in case Lydia remembers the photograph with a young Emanda in the background. This “Nolan as a babysitter” move proves to be a bad one. He quickly figures out Emily murdered Frank, and while he’s figuring this out Jack comes looking for him at his house and runs into a bikini-clad stripper. The good guy is immediately intrigued by the bad girl. The beginnings of a fling and the sentimentality of the Amanda Clarke alias she’s kept for years factor into Emily’s decision to ignore a plane ticket and new identity Emanda puts together for her. She plans to stick around the Hamptons and generally make Emanda’s revenge plot a living hell.

A lot hinges on what Lydia remembers after waking up and… well, she doesn’t remember much of anything that’s happened in the last few weeks. She does happen to have her memory jogged about the photograph of Emanda, but it’s not until Emanda has managed to have Nolan Photoshop it and sneak it back into Lydia’s boxes of possessions which have been moved to Grayson Manor. Expect Lydia to make some noise soon, though, because she overhears an argument between Victoria and Conrad where he very clearly implicates Victoria as the one who ordered Frank to have Lydia killed. She is now a viper waiting in the landscaped grass of Grayson Manor.

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