revenge emily van camp review abc 'Revenge' recap: Prison BreakWhen last we left off, Daniel had been sent to maximum security prison without bail for the murder of Tyler, and Takeda had run off with Amily, leaving Emanda a vengeful mess. The Graysons are still trying to remain united during this crisis to devise any sort of defense they can on Daniel’s behalf. The original plan to pin things on Amily won’t really fly because she’s nowhere to be found, so Victoria wants to paint Jack as a suspect. Emanda, continuing to be an active participant in the Grayson camp, suggests they reach out to Mason Treadwell to do all the legwork since he surely wants to get back at Amily for burning down his house. This puts the ball mostly in Ems’ court as far as trying to protect Jack from this witch hunt.

Emanda’s not the only one scheming, though. Victoria contacts her go-to thug and pays him to have some inmates beat her son so he can come home under house arrest for medical reasons. That plan works a little too well, and Daniel straight-up gets his ass handed to him. When Victoria meets up with her thug again to pay him and yell at him for hurting Daniel too much, she runs into an old fling named Dominick Wright. He’s a failed painter, so that means they get to have steamy sex in his clich� loft apartment packed with ****ty oversized paintings. We find out Victoria spurned this guy to run off with Conrad, but that doesn’t stop Dominick from giving Victoria the lovin’ she so desperately needs right now.

When Mason comes snooping around the Stowaway asking questions of Jack, Declan overhears his brother’s plight. He intercepts Mason and offers up what he thinks he knows about Jack protecting Amily and inadvertently throws Charlotte under the bus as an unreliable witness since she was high the night of the party. Mason publishes that information on a blog set up by the Graysons with the intention of taking the heat off Daniel, instead completely destroying their defense case and turning Charlotte fully against Dec. Victoria tries to threaten Mason with retribution, but he’s come to the realization that Queen Victoria’s threats don’t mean as much these days. Her empire’s crumbling.

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