revenge emily van camp review abc 'Revenge' recap: ReckonerEveryone’s waiting for Daniel to be fully cleared of charges after the abrupt “suicide” and “confession” from Grayson Goon, Lee. That is, except for Emanda, who is pretty wrapped up with finding out more about who was responsible for murdering her father in prison. She inadvertently stumbles upon some info when she goes to talk to Charlotte out of concern for her well-being. Since Charlotte has grown a bit obsessed herself with finding out about who her father was, she has a number of photos and news clippings strewn about her room. Emanda notices a photo of David in prison, dated the day he was murdered. In the photo, he is writing in a journal that was most certainly not delivered by Nolan. She confronts Nolan and finds out he’s been hiding it from her (that rascal).

The reason behind hiding the journal turns out to be that it leads straight to an informant David had at Grayson Global… who turns out to be Nolan’s aunt (!). He knew Emanda would track her down, and for him, protecting family is much bigger than Ems’ revenge plot. Nolan’s aunt had been working with another man to try and get David’s name cleared, but the Graysons caught on and had the guy murdered, so she faked her own death. The only lead that comes out of this is for Emanda is that the guy who murdered David was a scary-looking white-haired man.

When Daniel is finally cleared of all murder charges, it becomes evident that he is nowhere near being cleared of the perception by the general public that he is a murderer. He agrees to do a televised interview to try and fix that. At the same time, Jack has grown so unsettled by what he knows of the circumstances of Daniel’s exoneration not matching up with what he knows that he seeks out Daniel. He confesses about being on the beach that night to cast doubt on Lee’s sudden confession, in hopes Dan will be cautious of bringing Emanda into a corrupt family. It raises enough questions in Daniel’s head for him to confront his father, who has finally been taken down by Victoria’s ace in the hole: her contact at the Securities and Exchange Commission. Conrad tells Daniel the entire story of David Clarke’s framing while Emanda eavesdrops through her bug.

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