revenge emily van camp review abc 'Revenge' recap: The One Where Daniel Gets ArrestedIn the wake of Tyler’s murder at the Fire & Ice Ball, the police naturally have Daniel under suspicion of having pulled the trigger because he was, you know, at the scene, covered in the victim’s blood and had his fingerprints all over the gun. That’s what’s called in television “a mountain of evidence.” The Graysons lawyer up with a sharp, new guy named Benjamin Brooks. When Daniel is taken into custody, Mr. Brooks starts investigating our favorite Hamptonites for information that could be used against Dan in court.

Meanwhile, pieces of what actually happened that evening start to reveal themselves to all the participants. Jack realizes his brother and Charlotte didn’t get a good look at him on the beach, but Dec comes across Jack’s hoodie, figuring out his brother is covering up for someone. He declares that Jack has always been the stand-up guy, and this time he’s going to watch out for his big brother. While Jack waits to see what that will entail, he sits around the bar, hoping that Amily will turn up with some answers for him about what mess he’s gotten himself into. Don’t hold your breath, guy.

Emanda becomes aware through the Graysons that someone was tampering with the video surveillance of the party the night of Tyler’s murder. Knowing that Nolan was messing with surveillance that night, Ems realizes he must be working for Takeda. She confronts Nolan, and he admits it, but there are more pressing matters. The Graysons are desperate to save Daniel, and will likely find a way to use Jack as a fall guy to clear their son’s name — especially since the scandal has made its way to the Internet. That happened courtesy of Ashley, who leaked photos of a bloodied Daniel. She inadvertently becomes the face of Dan’s legal defense when she speaks up to reporters who are staking out his interrogation at the police station. It becomes clear to Ash very quickly that she might be able to parlay this public relations thing into a new career.

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