revenge emily van camp review abc 'Revenge' recap: Worst. Birthday. Ever.It’s Daniel’s birthday, and with all the crazy stuff going on — what with his parents getting divorced and his best friend revealing himself to be some sort of insane person — he’d like to do something kind of low-key. Emanda suggests a clambake. Oooooo, goodie! Nothing bad ever happens at a clambake! As preparations are made for the party, Emanda goes and makes amends with Nolan so they can get back on track with setting up Tyler for a fall. She manages to snag the whale web cam from the pool house without Tyler catching her, and also comes across his empty anti-psycho meds bottles. Some sleuthing from the information on the bottles gets her and Nolan in contact with Tyler’s brother who is a doctor, and reveals Tyler’s doctors and family have been searching for him for weeks, ever since a violent outburst. Nolan arranges to have Dr. Barrol flown to the Hamptons immediately to diffuse the situation.

The rush is because Tyler is not going to be happy at all when he realizes the whale camera has been taken from him. When it becomes apparent to Tyler, he goes to confront Nolan at his Fortress of Solitude. Nolan is caught by surprise because he had been tracking Tyler through GPS on his phone, but Tyler caught on and shipped his phone to California to make everyone think he had left town. While threatening Nolan with a knife, the live feed from the whale camera comes up on Nolan’s laptop and reveals to Tyler that Emanda has been conspiring with Nolan against him. He leaves Nolan gagged and tied to a chair as he heads to Emanda’s house.

While everyone is seated at a table on the beach for the clambake, Tyler intercepts Emanda inside her house when she’s getting Daniel’s birthday cake. He snags her gun and leads her out to the table, eventually holding everyone hostage to a game he invented called “Truth or Die.” The rules are quite simple. Tyler asks you a question. If you lie, he shoots someone. Now we’re having a clambake! While this is going on, Dr. Barrol arrives at the Fortress of Solitude and frees Nolan. They arrive at the party just as Tyler is getting ready to put a bullet in Emanda’s head. The momentary distraction of Tyler seeing his brother is just enough for Jack to tackle him to the ground. Dan is right behind Jack and disarms/knocks Tyler out. The cops come and take Tyler away.

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