revenge nick wechsler emily vancamp 'Revenge' Season 1 finale: Emily VanCamp and Gabriel Mann drop a few cluesWhat will be the biggest punishment endured by the characters on “Revenge” after Wednesday’s season finale?
“I can only hope that some of us sort of learn our lessons and realize that treating people this way will ultimately lead to somebody dying,” star Christa Allen tells Zap2It Sunday (May 20) at ABC’s international upfront. She joined her fellow cast members on the red carpet as they celebrated the series’ renewal and offered a whatever clues the could for the end of the first season.
“So many things happen, there’s almost literally a cliffhanger for all of our characters,” Gabriel Mann says, stressing that the final hour will demonstrate “the importance of picking up the phone when somebody calls.”
Added the show’s lead, Emily VanCamp, “There’s so many possibilities. You’re wondering where these people are going to be. … It’s a really, moving episode. It’s dramatic; it’s an epic, solid revenge.”
ABC announced last week that “Revenge” would be returning in the fall, moving to the 9 p.m. Sunday timeslot formerly occupied by “Desperate Housewives.” The cast says they’re honored by the positive reception of their show, particularly since they’d developed such resounding friendships already.
“It’s kind of like high school, I feel like,” Allen explains. “Every day, after work, it’s like, ‘So you want to go out to eat? You want to see a movie?'”
Sentimental camaraderie aside, the group did admit they’d often thought about the act of vengeance in their own lives, some more actively seeking it than others.
“It never works out that well,” observes star Nick Weschler. “I play a sport, and once there was a dude who cheated. I thought, ‘He’s gonna pay,’ and … I got greedy for revenge. I punished him the whole game and we had two minutes left and my team was ruining him. I was ruining him, lighting him up the whole game. And in the final two minutes, I was just like, ‘I’m gonna get in his face, just to show that f***er,’ and then I broke my nose. … Revenge is futile.”

The rest of the cast concurs. As Connor Paolo puts it, “Someone will break your nose.”

The “Revenge” season finale airs at 10 p.m. ET Wednesday on ABC.

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