revenge season 2 finale major death emily vancamp abc 'Revenge' Season 2 finale: Someone is going to die    who could it be?

Before “Revenge” Season 2 finishes its finale this May, one central member of the show’s cast will die. The exact identity of the victim is not known, but it will be someone important. Could it be Daniel? Aiden? Emily herself?

We will have to wait until the two-hour finale airs on Sunday, May 12, but we can guess about the dead person’s identity in the meantime.

There are only a few clues to go on. TVLine quotes “Revenge creator Mike Kelley as saying the death (which is not a fake-out this time) will be “one of our core cast members.” The identity of the victim will be known by the end of the finale — so we don’t have to wait until the next season like we did with Victoria last year.

Finally, there is one more hint: “It’ll be a surprise who it is,” Kelley said. “It’s certainly a surprise to Emily.”

Here are the potential victims, grouped into totally un-scientific categories like “No way,” “Highly unlikely,” “Maybe,” and “Say goodbye now.”

No way — Emily, Baby Carl

Based on the clues, Emily (Emily VanCamp) isn’t really a possibility. Also, she’s the main character and narrator of the show. Killing her would be tough. As for Baby Carl, “Revenge” could never be that cruel!

Highly unlikely — Nolan, Jack, Victoria, Declan

Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) is safe because a) she had a “death” last year, and b) she’s the show’s other main character. Jack (Nick Weschler) just lost his wife, Amanda. Not only would the show remove the love of Emily’s life, but Jack has already suffered enough for now. Jack’s suffering also should keep little brother Declan (Connor Paolo) safe. Nolan (Gabriel Mann) could, theoretically, die, but that would be no fun. We need this fan-favorite to be Emily’s sidekick and to provide some dark humor.

Maybe — Conrad, Ashley, Daniel, Charlotte, Kara, Mason Treadwell

Since we were not told that the death had to come from the main “Revenge” cast, the lists get longer at this point. Recurring characters like Emily’s mother Kara (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and imprisoned author Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) have been around enough to be interesting deaths.

Back with the main cast, Conrad (Henry Czerny) is mean but largely superfluous at this point. Same thing with Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) — the show uses her but doesn’t really need her. The death of Charlotte (Christa Allen) would be huge for both Emily and Victoria, but this wouldn’t be impossible. The same goes for Daniel (Josh Bowman) — he seems an unlikely target, but this would be huge for the show.

Say goodbye now — Aiden, Kenny Ryan, Eli, Trask, Victoria’s other son

Aiden (Barry Sloane) has been having a rough time lately, and his path certainly does seem bound for the grave sooner or later. Same thing for Kenny Ryan (JR Bourne), the scheming low-life certain to follow his brother in death. Trask (Burn Gorman), the Initiative’s latest evil-doer, needs to die at
some point. This could, however, make him ineligible because who cares?

Eli (Collins Pennie), Emily’s just-returned foster brother isn’t too important yet, but he could be before the finale. If so, that could definitely surprise Emily. Finally, Victoria’s long-lost son could come back and be important. A subsequent death would be a big deal.

Who do you think will die?

Posted by:Laurel Brown