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The “Revenge” Season 2 finale features the death of Declan (Connor Paolo), a terrorist attack on Grayson Global, the arrests of both Aiden and Nolan, Conrad’s election as governor and no less than four game-changing revelations. Absolutely nothing will ever be the same after two hours of “Truth.”

If you couldn’t keep up, here is all of the death, destruction and awful “Truth” once again.

When “Revenge” goes “Revolution”

When stuck in a terrorist-caused blackout, it’s good to have access to your own satellite. Barring that, it’s good to be within a mile of your dad’s secure apartment building. Or it’s a good idea to be at the Stowaway, where there are many candles and lanterns.

So basically, everyone on “Revenge” starts out okay.

That goes away quickly. Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) quickly realize that the money transfer out of the Amanda Clark fund was the trigger. Now Aiden (Barry Sloane) will look like the perpetrator of the outage.


The tension of the cell phone

It’s been said that most thrillers of days past couldn’t be made now, thanks to the invention of cell phones. “Revenge” finds a way around that in its finale.

The blackout we saw in the previous episode causes some seriously screwed-up communications. Some calls do get through, but static and broken connections are the main result. Other calls don’t go through at all, leaving the recipient in the line of fire.

And a few communications get through just fine. Gotta love that fickle technology!

Victoria plays all of the sides

Jack (Nick Weschler), being the decent human that he is, trusts Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) enough to tell her about both the laptop and about his plans to destroy Conrad’s political career.

This was a mistake, just like every time anyone has ever trusted Victoria ever. She goes straight to Conrad (Henry Czerny) with the information, giving the cold-blooded man all the info he needs to turn the tables on Jack.

Because every member of the Grayson family needs an obsessed, psychotic, same-sex stalker …

Remember a young man by the name of Tyler Barrol? Well now Charlotte’s got her own Tyler to deal with. That would be Regina.

Yes, the publicity-hungry, mean-girl snob is secretly in love with Charlotte (Christa Allen) and is out to destroy Declan. Regina tells the gullible Miss Grayson that Declan attacked her and stole the bail money. Charlotte believes it all, at least at first.

She doesn’t get a second chance. By the time Declan makes it back into the building, Victoria has arrived. The boy gets a stern talking-to about the benefits of safe sex:

“Stay the hell away from my daughter, or your ability to procreate will be nothing but a distant memory!”

Such a pity that this admonishment sends Declan straight over to Grayson Global.

Emily loses Takeda and her faith in everyone

As part of their efforts to keep Aiden from being blamed for a massive terrorist attack, Emily and Nolan go look for Takeda.

They find him. He is very dead. This causes flashbacks for Emily — her sweet memories of Takeda involve beat-downs and insults.

Emily cries. Then she investigates, leaving fingerprints on absolutely everything in the whole place in the process. Isn’t Emily smarter than this? Whether she is or not, Emily and Nolan find a photo of an Asian girl and a white man.

The girl runs to assure herself of Aiden’s safety. There, she finds out a couple of things of importance. 1) Aiden totally killed Takeda and isn’t too sorry. 2) Takeda’s fiancee was a flight attendant on Flight 197. This would be why the Japanese tycoon has been so invested in Emily’s plans for vengeance.

“Long live David Clarke”

One nod. One text. One explosion. Oh Conrad Grayson, you are a cold one.

A text from Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) lures Jack to Grayson Global — that’s where the incriminating laptop is now. Except … It’s not. Thanks to Victoria’s warning, Conrad knows that Jack and Ashley have been plotting to destroy him. It’s just too bad for them that Conrad is better at the whole destruction thing.

Conrad actually sent the text to Jack. He thus knows that Jack will be at the Grayson offices at the exact moment of Conrad’s big election-day speech. Thanks to those gosh-darned cell phone outages, Emily and Nolan can’t warn Jack to stay away.

As Conrad’s speech ends, he gives a slight nod to the friendly terrorist (the man Emily saw in Takeda’s photo). At that same moment, everyone in Conrad’s audience receives a text reading “Long live David Clarke.”

And Grayson Global explodes. Presumably — Conrad must hope — with Jack still inside.

Also, we may be talking about the greatest political coup of all time — Conrad gets to direct the rescue efforts for a disaster that he arranged.

The best-laid plans

As Conrad later explains to Daniel (
), the politician didn’t exactly have a choice in all of this. A bomb had to explode, and someone had to take the fall. Conrad just set it all up to look like Aiden was behind everything.

And Jack getting caught in the blast? Well, that is just icing on the cake for a sociopath like Conrad.

Too bad Jack doesn’t actually get caught in the blast. He gets Nolan’s message at the last minute and is on his way out when the bomb blows. The upper-floor offices of Grayson Global are almost empty when they explode. Just one person is injured.

That would be Declan.

“There is no Initiative, my dear.”

In case Conrad’s foreknowledge of the bombing isn’t enough to shock you, Conrad Grayson had a little more for us all.

This is made clear when Victoria finds out about Conrad’s involvement in the bombing. As it turns out, Conrad was involved in a little more than that. Okay, a lot more than that. Conrad is, in fact, part of the Initiative.

Except that’s not everything. Let’s let Conrad explain it in his own words:

“There is no Initiative, my dear. There never was. Not really. Simply a consortium of savvy business persons who perfected the art of profiting of other people’s fear. See, when catastrophe strikes, the public spends money — lots of it. And if one were able to anticipate such disasters, they’d stand to make a fortune. Of course, predicting these acts of God is impossible. Unless one of course one decides to play God.”

So long, Declan!

Has there ever before been a blameless young man on whom so many have wished death than Declan Porter? It seems doubtful.

But the sad ending indeed comes in “Truth.” Caught in the bomb blast meant to kill Jack and frame Aiden, Declan undergoes severe trauma but seems basically okay in the hospital. He sen
ds away Jack with a smile and Charlotte with a kiss.

Too bad the kid is actually dying. With only Nolan in attendance, Declan says his true goodbye to Jack via cell phone and passes before anything can be done.

Arrest Aiden all you want, but leave Nolan alone, federal government!

Aiden — the official fall guy for all of this — doesn’t make it out of the country after his touching goodbye to Emily. But his arrest isn’t the end of anything. The feds now have another target — Nolan Ross.

I’m sorry, agents of the federal government. That is not okay. You don’t get Nolan! Even if the agents think Nolan is behind the release of Carrion. And even if they have a tape in which Padma tells them Nolan is the ultimate bad guy behind everything that has ever happened. Let’s just say Nolan is going to be starting out Season 3 in a very, very bad place.

Aiden, meanwhile, is a free man. He uses his liberty to beat up Daniel quite seriously. He would prefer that Daniel and Emily stay apart.

Lonely Victoria

Spurned by Daniel (who is really getting awfully irritated at the bottomless pit of horror that is his parents) and afraid to face Charlotte, Victoria spends election night at home with her dark thoughts.

Everyone seems perfectly willing to let her be alone. It seems like a good fate.

Except that fate is a messy business. And when it comes knocking, Victoria’s long-lost son, Patrick, is at the door.

Jack isn’t happy. Emily can’t lie anymore.

This has been a bad year for Jack Porter. So you can hardly blame the boy for wanting a little revenge of his own against Conrad Grayson, the man who was at least indirectly responsible for the deaths of both Amanda and now Declan.

Now that Conrad has been elected governor of New York, Jack has the perfect opportunity to take down the man.

But Emily can’t let her one true love lose that last shred of decency that is so missing from everyone else on “Revenge.” Finding Jack just before he is about to pull the trigger and end Conrad’s reign of evil, Emily is ready to confess.

“I’m Amanda Clarke.”

And “Revenge” is over for Season 2. Now be honest — did you see any of that coming?

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