revenge season 3 premiere fear victoria patrick abc 'Revenge' Season 3 premiere: Emily plans another summer in 'Fear'

Another season of “Revenge” means another summer of vengeance in the Season 3 premiere, “Fear.” What awful plots has Emily devised for the Graysons this time?

It all begins here.

Bang goes the bride!

“Revenge” fans are certainly used to bad things happening at the beginning of a new season. We have even seen Emily in the water before. But seeing Emily get herself shot and dropped off the side of a boat while wearing a wedding dress?

That’s scary. How fitting that this episode is called “Fear.”

Another summer begins …

Forget the flash forward, it’s time to jump back to the beginning of the summer.

Emily and Daniel lounge by the pool, flirting over the concept of Emily taking over the Grayson summer kickoff. They’re still engaged, but Emily — for the obvious reasons — isn’t quite ready to take the plunge into a Grayson marriage.

Both wonder what’s up with Victoria these days … And it turns out that the Grayson Matriarch is having a positively lovely time, riding horses through the idyllic countryside with her “good” (meaning “absent for most of his life”) son, Patrick. Patrick turns out to be a large, blond, Norse god of a man (played by Justin Hartley) who likes to compliment his formerly absent mother.

Domestic bliss is shattered, however, when Charlotte makes an unexpected return from Paris. For those of you keeping score at home, we swiftly learn that Charlotte has a) miscarried, b) graduated and c) gotten all mature and stuff.

As it turns out, no one has bothered to tell Charlotte about Patrick. She just refers to him as the stable boy.

Meanwhile, in a very different part of New York, Nolan gets out of prison. Remember how he got all framed for murder and stuff? Apparently, Nolan had built a failsafe into his Carrion program that eventually outed all those Initiative people and exonerated the innocent (ish) tech genius.

Unfortunately, there’s no NolCorp (which “has gone the way of the flip-phone”) to come home to. There’s also no home, not until Emily gifts her best buddy with a new waterfront mansion.

Threats and stuff

Before Emily can put her most current plan into motion, there are a few small issues and dangerous ultimatums she has to deal with. Namely:

  • Governor Conrad Grayson is already thinking about the Presidency. Thus, normal security isn’t good enough. If Emily wants to smuggle something illicit into her party (which she does), a new method must be found.
  • The ever-conniving Ashley finds Emily outside the Stowaway and threatens to expose Miss Thorne’s ongoing feelings about Jack. Oh Ashley, that is such a bad move! For the moment, however, Emily agrees to play ball and goes with the plan to introduce eligible bachelors to her former friend.
  • A French friend of Daniel’s, Margot, shows up in town. How she knows Daniel and why she is really around — the official reason is to start up a magazine — will probably be revealed later.
  • Emily and Victoria have a beautifully chilling encounter in which both trade insults and threats in the politest tones. Emily uses info from Charlotte and Ashley’s recent threats to make it seem like Ashley is threatening to expose Victoria’s “affair” with Patrick.
  • Conrad comes home and informs Victoria that she will have to play the proper political wife or else he will sell the house.
  • Thanks to a visit from Charlotte, Patrick realizes that it’s time to vacate the Hamptons altogether. This makes Victoria very sad.
  • Jack comes back into town abruptly. After a little messing with Emily, Jack declares that he despises her. He doesn’t, of course, but Jack knows that it will hurt Emily. And Jack wants to hurt Emily.
  • Finally (and this isn’t really a problem but instead a wonderful quote from Conrad): “Arctic pools, Laila! Arctic pools!”

Party time!

Emily’s summer kick-off is a hit! That is, it’s a hit through Ashley meeting the handsome and eligible Dr. Jorge Velez and through Nolan’s entrance by parachute. Things take a slightly sinister turn when Conrad collapses during his speech and must be rushed to the hospital.

Once there, Dr. Velez diagnoses Governor Grayson with Huntington’s disease. Conrad doesn’t seem too shocked about this (which is weird) but knows it must be kept quiet if he wants to remain in power.

Too bad that the news of Conrad’s illness breaks almost immediately. It looks like the reign of Governor Grayson may come to a quick end. Who leaked the news? It really does appear that Ashley — all cuddled up to Dr. Velez as she was at the party — found out and told the press.

But naturally that’s not what really went down. Here is what did happen:

Using a vial of a toxin that Nolan smuggled in while crash-landing at the party, Emily poisoned Conrad’s water. Then she altered the patient records at the hospital to hide the poisoning and falsely diagnose Huntington’s. One quick call to the press, and the damage was done.

What comes of all the lies

Within moments of Emily’s return home from the hospital, Jack somehow seems to know absolutely everything that went down. He isn’t too excited about all the vengeance — which is fair, considering that Emily’s revenge has inadvertently killed both Amanda and Declan. But he won’t out Emily yet. She has the summer to finish up her business, or else Jack is going to tell the world what’s going on.

Then there’s Ashley. Victoria and Emily confront her at a remote airport and inform the English girl that she is going home if she doesn’t want to be framed for Declan’s death in the explosion. When Ashley tries to counter, she is met with a solid wall of viciousness from her two foes.

“You two are evil.” – Ashley
“What we are, like it or not, is family.” – Victoria

And back to Croydon Ashley goes!

Meanwhile back at the shared home of Daniel and Emily, the younger Grayson is freaking out about Huntington’s disease. “Sweet” Emily reassures him and offers to set a date for marriage. She wants to get married on August 8, because “I always imagined something wonderful would happen on that day.”

The real significance of the date comes later when Nolan points out that August 8 is 8/8 — which can be drawn as the double infinity.

Oh, and Aidan is back in town. Let the games begin!

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