“Revenge” Season 3 isn’t pulling any punches. For example, the newest promo video shows Emily Thorne getting shot. At her wedding. Check out the video for about what can be expected in the upcoming season.

There’s no substitute for just watching the promo, but here are some of the highlights and major questions:

  • Is Emily (Emily VanCamp) going to die in her wedding dress? It seems unlikely. After all, the show’s leading lady takes a few bullets to the abdomen before falling — that rarely leads to a quick death. She’ll be (physically) fine if someone gets her to a hospital quickly.
  • This wedding, by the way, is not the beginning of the season. Not really, anyway. As in past years, Season 3 is expected to open with a flash-forward. This time, the future event is Emily’s wedding. Is she about to marry Daniel (Josh Bowman) when shots ring out?
  • Nolan (Gabriel Mann) is seen entering a party via parachute. Awesome.
  • At some point in the season, Emily and Daniel are close enough for an intimate kiss.
  • That said, a girl who looks an awful lot like Emily kisses Jack (Nick Weschler) a short time later in the video.
  • What could make Conrad (Henry Czerny) collapse in the middle of a speech? And check out Emily’s cold stare as he does. It’s even more chilling than usual.

“Revenge” returns Sunday, Sept. 29 at 9pm on ABC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown