revenge shooting daniel emily married 'Revenge' shocker: [Spoiler] shot Emily! What's next for the GraysonsDid you see that one coming? On the “Revenge” fall finale, “Exodus,” we finally discovered the identity of the person who shot Emily Thorne (Emily Van Camp): It was her new husband, Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman) — a tragic consequence of Emily’s vengeance plan gone wrong.

Instead of framing Victoria for murder and running away with Aiden, Emily ended up wounded in the water, shot by her drunk husband after he overheard Victoria confronting Emily about her secret identity. Even more dramatically, in the previews for January’s three episodes, we saw that Emily does survive (duh, there’s kind of no show without her), but she’s suffering from amnesia.

Zap2it spoke to “Revenge” showrunner Sunil Nayar about the shocking episode. Here are some teasers he had on the juiciest story lines, including who else was considered as a potential shooter (Aiden, Victoria, and Lydia), and where we’ll pick up in January (shortly after the shooting):

On making Daniel the shooter:

“We played around with lots of different options,” Nayar says. “We had three different people that we were really seriously sort of considering … [but decided we] want to do the one that’s the juiciest and then ultimately changes the show as much as possible. We wanted to almost paint ourselves into a corner where you’ll think ‘How on Earth are they going to get out of this?'”

On Daniel’s reaction to his crime:

“He’s tormented by the nature of what he’s done. You even get a sense that right after he shot her there’s this regret that he did a thing in a brash act, but he’s been completely betrayed. It’s not like you don’t understand the impulse to do it. Carrying through with the act I think was the big moment for Daniel. He will have to wrestle with the demons of what that means and wrestle with the fact that now he’s learned the truth about this woman that he’s given his heart over to back and forth over the last couple of years. You’re going to see a real transformation in him — there’s a regret that will come from it initially but then it’ll grow in to a kind of strength, a kind of hardening in Daniel Grayson because the person that he trusted the most has really upended the nature of that trust.”

On who the police will suspect:

“There’s a couple different people who become primary suspects in the episode we have back in January. Obviously Emily is not a benefit to them in the nature of the investigation, but they will have evidence on the boat that they’re pursuing and then they’ll have photo evidence from what Margaux’s doing on the boat, so the Voulez part sort of is primary in the investigation. In classic ‘Revenge’ style, you’ll see how one person becomes a real suspect and then it sort of shifts over to someone else’s focus.”

On Emily’s amnesia:

“She has at the moment lost her memory of all of it and you’ll see how we play out the amnesia storyline because it’s obviously it’s quite the soap-opera trope. I think that what we’ve done with it is extremely satisfying. We wanted to do it in the way that I think this show is capable of doing things, where you never know who’s telling the truth at any given moment.”

On Victoria’s discovery about Emily’s identity:

“You’re going to see how that changes things. You’re going to see Patrick saw where the infinity box is hidden and again, just to put as many game changers as we can coming into January to sort of realize like ‘Oh, some of the secrets are going to be out. Look again. Victoria’s seen that picture. There’s not going back on that.’ And so that we wanted to set up things that change it that they have a greater knowledge who Emily is going forward and then Emily will then slowly understand that the circumstances of what she can do are now drastically different also.”

On how this will change Emily’s mission:
“She definitely does still want to take the Graysons down. That will never be a mission that leaves her. But again, with Victoria knowing who she is and as we play things out coming back, she’s going to understand that the way she has to go about this is going to be completely different than she’s done it in the past.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley