revenge weekly vengeance return emily vancamp abc 'Revenge': Should the vengeance of the week return for good?

The return of “Revenge” from its winter hiatus brought another return as well: Emily got to X-out a name and a face from her vengeance to-do list. Was it a welcome return, or has the show moved past simple payback in season 2?

When “Revenge” began last season, the first episodes were clearly marked by takedown after takedown as Emily (Emily VanCamp) systematically decimated the lives of those who had once destroyed her father. It was all very satisfying. However, as the season went on, Emily’s webs of vengeance and deceit became increasingly tangled, making it difficult to slot each mini-vendetta into a single episode.

Now that we’re in season 2, the basic retribution plots have mostly been lost in a sea of conspiracies, fallout and family secrets. “Power,” the return episode that aired on Sunday (Jan. 6), was therefore a bit of a callback to the early days of the series. Thanks to Emily’s prodding, the abused wife of the judge from David Clarke’s trial went public with information on judicial mishandling in this case. And the poor judge was suddenly denied his chance at a Supreme Court nomination.

Score an X for the good guys!

But is there room for such regular takedowns in season 2? Even in this episode, we had to also focus on Daniel’s (Josh Bowman) new control of the family company, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) fending off the suspicious advances of an ex-lover and Jack (Nick Weschler) going to jail after his bar partners set him up. At this point in the season, these plots can’t just die (even if some fans may want them to).

Still, the satisfaction of Emily getting one small piece of her revenge was there. It elevated an otherwise bland episode of the show into something a little bit memorable. Should Emily go back to her old scheming ways? Or has “Revenge” moved on?

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Posted by:Laurel Brown