revenge bowman emily 'Revenge' star Joshua Bowman sways us to Team DanielIf you don’t have a crush on Joshua Bowman after watching “Revenge,” you might want to check your pulse. It’s possible that you’re dead. If you aren’t swayed by his Harvard-grad-with-a-troubled-past shtick on the show, you certainly will be convinced once you hear his real-life British accent. Yes, the man is blessed with that face and a voice that could melt the coldest, blackest heart.

Basically, we could fall asleep listening to our recording of this interview. We’re not proud; it’s just the (unprofessional) truth.

“Revenge,” easily one of the most delicious new shows of the fall season, was just picked up for a full 22 episodes, so we can look forward to seeing plenty of Bowman as Daniel Grayson this year. Or can we? The first episode featured a shocking flash-forward sequence in which it appeared that Daniel’s body was discovered on the beach.

Cue the ominous music and mustache-twirling.

Zap2it: Congratulations on the pickup! You all must have been expecting the good news.

Bowman: Not really! We were on tenterhooks for a little bit. Before the premieres, “Charlie’s Angels” and “Pan Am” were kind of the ones that people were looking at, and promoting. “Revenge” was kind of the dark horse. The pressure was off, in a way. Truly, we feel so blessed, as a cast. I can’t tell you what a joy it is to work with each and every one of them, and they all feel the same. It’s just a pleasure. We’ve got a great script, and it continues to grow, and everyone’s thrilled to work hard and learn. I think it’s a cocktail for success. I hope so, anyway.

Zap2it: Will we even get to see you in the back-nine? That first episode didn’t make Daniel’s future look too promising.

Bowman: A-ha! We shall see! We shall see. In terms of Daniel’s character, I can’t say too much about the whole death sequence, but he’s in for a bit of a trip. That’s for sure.

Zap2it: We spoke with Emily VanCamp recently, and she said that Daniel’s boozy downward spiral would continue on for a little while.

Bowman: He does. Right now my roommate, Tyler, from Harvard, played by Ashton Holmes — he’s causing a stir. As we saw last week, he took my phone and made me think that Emily canceled dinner on me, I found her with Jack — it’s not looking good. All will be revealed in tonight’s episode. There’s a massive event to deal with that doesn’t have to do with my character, but it kind of starts off the episode.

revenge bowman holmes 'Revenge' star Joshua Bowman sways us to Team DanielZap2it: Can you give us a little hint about what Tyler is up to? He’s a sneaky little man.

Bowman: Yes, very sneaky. This character is based on ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley,’ and the fact that he wants my life. He’s got this dark past that people don’t know about, and in a way, he’s another Emily, not in a quest for revenge, but in that he’s holding a bunch of secrets and he’s living a lie. He’s not living his life, he’s come to take over mine. Slowly, you’ll see what happens.

Zap2it: We know about Daniel’s dark past and his drinking habits, but he’s always been very up-front and honest about those things with Emily. Should we be worried about more dark secrets coming out?

Bowman: I wish! So far, we’re shooting episode 9 this week, and so far, he’s a pretty upstanding guy, which is making Emily’s job with Jack and Daniel hard. She’s got this mission she has to carry out, and I’m part of that, and it’s going to be harder for her than it should’ve been. Daniel’s so honest and he’s never felt this way about someone before. He’s very much got his heart on the table, saying ‘This is me, let’s make this something beautiful.’ For me anyway, as an actor, I’m concentrating on the real love story between those two. It is going to get harder for her, because he’s such a good guy. He’s a gent. He’s not like his mother, he’s not like his father. He’s not into the shady gossip or dark secrets.

Zap2it: It’s a wonder that Daniel and Charlotte turned out relatively normal, given their parents.

Bowman: The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, but for now, they’re stable. I’m sure at if something major happened to Daniel, things would change. For instance, if he found out what Emily’s up to, you’d see a darker side of Daniel.

Zap2it: It’s a twisted family.

Bowman: It is, and Charlotte and Daniel are alike in that they’re existing separately from their parents’ web. The major thing is, Charlotte doesn’t feel any connection to her mother right now, whereas Daniel does. Madeleine [Stowe]’s character, Victoria, told the shrink, ‘I sometimes feel that she’s not mine, and I don’t feel as close to her as I feel with my son.’ Charlotte doesn’t want to be a part of her mother, either, she’s falling in love with the guy that she shouldn’t fall in love with. There are so many layers to this family.

Zap2it: Will we see Daniel and his mother in more scenes together?

Bowman: Oh, yes. There will be a showdown.

Zap2it: We love a good showdown.

Bowman: Get ready! Between episode seven and episode nine, a shift happens.

Zap2it: We hear that Daniel is going to make a major decision soon.

Bowman: He does make a big decision this week. In a way, it’s to spite his upbringing, and his mother and his father. He wants to show that he can stand on his own two feet. He wants to make a difference in his own way; he doesn’t want to be under the umbrella of the Grayson family. He wants to create his own music in a way. This episode is wonderfully directed, I think.

Zap2it: Okay, we have to ask. Your American accent is amazing. Does that come easy for you?

Bowman: I went to New York and acted there for a year, and I took on the accent thing. I took a once-a-week class for a month, which helped, with a speech therapist, and then I went back to London for a year or two and had to continue working on it. You discover a rhythm to it. I work on it every day, though. On set I’m always working on it.

Zap2it: We never would’ve guessed that you’re British.

Bowman: You always want to find the right rhythm. Every line is like a piece of music, you want to find the rhythm and the melody. Some notes you hit wrong. The main thing with an accent, I’ll notice that I’m making mistakes, but once I get corrected, it’s easier. I think it’s harder for an American person to do an English accent than it is for an English person to do an American accent.

Tune in to “Revenge” at 10 p.m. EST, Wednesdays on ABC.

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