revenge triple casting 'Revenge' welcomes James Purefoy, Courtney B. Vance, William Devane to Hamptons hell“Revenge” is on hiatus right now, which means we’ve basically let ourselves go.

We mostly spend long hours sitting in front of the mirror practicing our very best Emily Thorne death glare, and we’ve run dozens of red sharpies dry as we draw angry X’s over the faces of the ABC schedulers who dared deprive us of Victoria Grayson until February 8.

Luckily, while we stew in our misery (we’ve learned from the best) we do have some fun casting news straight out of the Hamptons.

First of all, Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) who proved herself worthy of Emily’s wrath when she added rape to David Thorne’s list of false accusations in last week’s episode, is getting a love interest. Good luck to him.

Yes, it’s time for Mrs. Grayson to have yet another “big, passionate love affair” as Stowe tells The Insider. “Rome” star James Purefoy is set to star as Victoria’s suitor. ABC is keeping details under wraps, so we’ll just say we’d be shocked if Emily isn’t pulling the strings on this one.

Meanwhile, “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” alum Courtney B. Vance will also be making his way to the Hamptons, though in a very different context. He’s on board for four episodes, in which he’ll play an employee of the Graysons who is called in to assist after a big twist, as reported by EW.

As for that twist — we know you’ll be watching with bated breath at the end of episode 15. That’s when we’ll revisit the Fire and Ice ball, which we first glimpsed in the initial moments of the pilot episode. Let’s just say that dead body on the beach may not be who we expect it to be — and when you find out who the killer is, you’re going to need another glass of wine.

In the meantime, we’re also looking forward to the first appearance of Conrad Grayson’s father, Edward Grayson (“Knots Landing” star William Devane). Oddly enough, he’ll come into play in the Feb. 8 episode to help Victoria in her divorce against his son.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie