review with forrest macneil review comedy central 'Review with Forrest MacNeil': Stealing, addiction and other parts of life

First a disclaimer on this review of “Review with Forrest MacNeil”: I literally had zero idea of what this show was about before turning it on. Fortunately, the main plot became clear immediately, thanks to a rather explicit explanation from host Forrest MacNeil.

Simply put (as he puts it), “Review” consists of MacNeil reviewing stuff. This means everything in life, although MacNeil seems particularly drawn to rather bad things. For example, the first episode reviews stealing, addiction and going to a high school prom.

Thus, here are some reviews of MacNeil’s reviews:

Stealing: The nerdy host increases the levels of his crimes quickly but fails to benefit particularly from any of them. His bank robbery is actually nothing but failure. In the end, MacNeil goes with 2 stars for the experience of theft.

My review: 1 star. MacNeil did not adequately show just how lucrative stealing can be. Better luck next time.

Addiction: Although MacNeil claims at first to be immune to addiction, it turns out that cocaine can best him. Hyperactivity, health problems and an intervention follow. The initial review is 1,000,000 stars. After sobering up, it drops to half a star.

My review: 4 stars. A nerdy coke-head who doesn’t seem to realize it is very entertaining.

Going to prom: Since MacNeil is a middle-aged man, going to a high school prom is rather awkward and a bit yucky. He deals with it by taking his family babysitter, stealing stuff and doing cocaine. In the aftermath, MacNeil rates another half a star.

My review: 3 stars. The awkwardness of getting a date isn’t terribly entertaining, but the cocaine makes up for it.

“Review with Forrest MacNeil” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.

Posted by:Laurel Brown