revolution-s2-everyone-says-i-love-you.JPGSeason 2 of “Revolution” has taken its characters a long way from where they ended the show’s first season, but as executive producer Rockne O’Bannon tells it, things are just warming up.

“When we come back, everyone’s in really interesting places,” O’Bannon tells Zap2it. “Aaron [Zak Orth] has had a close encounter with the nano and feels there’s an urgent mission he must go on. Monroe [David Lyons] is obviously aware he has a son out there somewhere. … Having reunited with our people and also learning he has a son out there that he didn’t know he had before, that becomes a very important part of his mission.

“Miles [Billy Burke] and Rachel [Elizabeth Mitchell], their relationship is cranking up at well. Charlie [Tracy Spiridakos] is pursuing her strength and really starts to step forward as one of the leaders in the fight against the Patriots. I think we’ve got everyone teed up in a really good way.”

Aaron in particular is spooked by his encounter with the nanotechnology he helped create and “woke up,” which has become self-aware and in Wednesday’s episode took the form of a childhood friend of Aaron’s. O’Bannon says the show sees the nanites as a “potential villain.”

“Our intent was to go off on an ominous note,” he says. “It’s a very scary proposition that the entity is judging you is looking at things in a very simple, young person’s way, with that level of curiosity, but also is essentially everywhere. That’s a dangerous combination.”

Aaron’s journey will probably take him to Spring City, Okla., in the near future. It’s the town that the nano-boy kept mentioning, and O’Bannon assures that more than just a huge ball of twine is waiting to be found there.

Meanwhile, Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) has reunited with Julia (Kim Raver), the wife he presumed was dead. His mission to destroy the Patriots he believed killed her is now morphing into a power grab alongside her — O’Bannon says you can expect to see more of Raver later in the season, along with more of the Patriots’ agenda — including meeting the president.

“He’ll become a very important factor in all of this,” O’Bannon says. “Once he enters the picture, it becomes crystal clear what their agenda is and what their mission in Willoughby is and what their plans are for Willoughby. …

“If Season 1 was more of a war movie, this season is much more intrigue and mystery. We’re hoping the audience has been leaning forward and really anxious to find out what the Patriots are up to. … As we launch into the second half of the season that will be laid out in come very clear and very fascinating fashion. We’re really looking at the second half of the season as kind of a stand-alone event. It builds to that level. The second half of the season will definitely crank up the show’s mythology on multiple levels.”

“Revolution” is set to return to NBC in January.

Posted by:Rick Porter