revolution wondercon panel 'Revolution' at WonderCon: Cast and EP tease Season 2 finale, potential Season 3 story “Revolution” executive producer Rockne S. O’Bannon and cast members Elizabeth Mitchell (Rachel) and Stephen Collins (Rachel’s father Gene) headed down to Anaheim, Calif. on Friday (April 17) to host a WonderCon panel in advance of the final four episodes of Season 2. After showing a sizzle reel of the season so far and teasing the final four episodes, O’Bannon surprised the audience by revealing that “Revolution” creator Eric Kripke was at that very same moment pitching Season 3 to the network in Burbank, Calif. That’s a pretty legit reason to miss out on the panel.

While O’Bannon couldn’t give anything away about what the potential Season 3 storyline will be, he did offer up a tease on how Season 2 ends. “It’s really hot. It’s really good stuff,” O’Bannon says. “Everything comes together in these final four episodes in terms of the patriot mission coming to a head at the same time that the nano takes a hard look at humanity as its creator and it’s lacking. Plus, something is whispered into Rachel’s ear that changes everything about what was behind the blackout.”

Check out the other notable teases O’Bannon, Mitchell and Collins dropped during the panel:

– O’Bannon explained how Jason’s death in the final moments of the most recent episode shows how the stakes are very real and proved that anyone and everyone is vulnerable. The emotional resonance of Jason’s death goes all the way back to the pilot and it spins Charlie into a very unusual way with how she deals with the fact that she killed the guy she loved. And as for Jason’s father, Neville always thought “he can hug Jason later, but later has been wrenched from him,” O’Bannon says. Losing his son and his wife in the same year means that Neville is now “the definition of a loose cannon.”

– The last four episodes of the season are supposed to be considered a four hour event, and O’Bannon reveals that Rachel is the lightning rod for both the patriots and nano tech storyline, as she ties it all together into one story. “Marrying the two was nice,” Mitchell says. “It was nice to be in the world battling the patriots and to be in Aaron’s world as well.”

– O’Bannon says he always loved Neville as a villain back in the pilot and through the death of his son, fans should prepare to see him revert back to that role.

– One of the things the cast and crew alike enjoy is the humor mixed in with the action and drama on the show, and O’Bannon says all those jokes and pop culture references come from the writers room. Collins says only one ad libbed line has made it onto the show, and it was thanks to Billy Burke, when Miles says, “Good job, Gene” about him dating the hot bartender.

“Revolution” returns Wednesday, April 30 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum